Review: CMS Corps Gutto Kuru Collection Minelba

In today’s review, we take a look at Minelba from CMS Corps’ Gutto Kuru Collection. This tribute to Masterforce’s female lead, Minerva definitely gives collectors an awesome representation of her on their shelves.

Similar to other import lines such as Figma and Figuarts, this figure definitely comes with a nice arrangement of hands and faces, along with an optional helmet:

The nicest accessory has to be her backpack:

Not only does it become unattached, but transforms into the headmaster!

Overall, this is an incredibly poseable and highly detailed figure. One I’d definitely recommend to even non-Transformers fans!

The one thing that may be a deterrent for those who collect these kinds of figures is it’s size. Minelba stands at almost 7.25 inches tall which is inches above most other lines which are between 4.5 and 6 inches. However, as a standalone figure, it is an outstanding “get” for the Masterforce fan, and with CMS Corps releasing Ginrai as well, she’s going to definitely have company coming!

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