Review – Mastermind Creations: Airborne Squad Awakening

Welcome Source fans! Today we’re going to take a look at the Airborne Squad Awakening figure from Mastermind Creations, a limited edition preview version of their Hearts of Steel Seeker mold. Cast in grey and black, it’s a full production quality piece intended to give the appearance of a greyscale prototype, and was limited to 500 pieces.

This adds to their current Knight Morpher line of figures based on the Hearts of Steel miniseries, featuring version of the Transformers characters if they had awoken in the late 19th century. Previous releases include Commander (Optimus Prime) and Cyclops (Shockwave). The mold is amazingly detailed and much sturdier than it seems at first.

The upcoming painted versions look even more amazing, but look at all of those small details! The figure really just pops, and it looks incredible. There’s some neat automorph in the head/shoulders area, and there are some mech alive gears in the lower legs that rotate as you bend the knees. The waist wings are also capable of detaching and forming swords for the robot, as well as combining to make a large sword.

Each of the upcoming colored versions will come with unique individual weapons, this set includes a set of all three, so Awakening can be a just-risen-from-stasis version of whichever seeker is your favorite.



or Stormer:

The head has some source accurate fins, but those can be folded back for a more traditional seeker look if that’s more your thing.

Transformation is a lot easier than it appears at first glance, and has some really elegant bits, like how the waist fins integrate with the arms.


The vehicle mode is a tri-level plane, based off of Da Vinci’s sketches for a Renaissance flying machine. It’s incredibly cool looking, and much larger than it seems like it should be from the bot mode.The silhouette from above gives it the look of something that might have been used by a turn-of-the-century Batman. I’d love to see a customizer serve up a black repaint.

The underside includes a set of flip out landing gear so the plane can roll around:All in all, it’s an outstanding figure. The Awakening version is sold out, so you’ll have to look to the secondary market for one, but the colored versions (Screecher, Stormer, and Warper) are available for preorder now right here at TFsource. It’s definitely a unique figure and it’s worth picking up in your favorite seeker color scheme. There’s even a few more little secrets that will be revealed later, but an innovative collector might be able to figure out for themselves once they have the mold in hand. I’ve found a few different weapon configurations that even impressed and surprised the folks at Mastermind!To sum up, this is an excellent addition to a collection. It looks great with the previous Knight Morpher releases, and is a fun and unique piece to display. To quote Ferris Bueller: “It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.”

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