Review: Hasbro’s TRU exclusive Masterpiece Thundercracker

In today’s review, we take a look at one of Hasbro’s latest offerings: The Toys R Us exclusive Masterpiece Thundercracker. Using Takara’s MP-11 Starscream mold, they’ve managed to deliver an awesome Masterpiece-styled homage to seeker known for “bringing the boom” wherever he roams!

Looking at the alt. mode, the first thing that’s noticeable is just how much the colors absolutely pop on this thing!

When we look closer though, we start to see some of the nice extras that Hasbro included with this deco: The first picture shows a tampo of Reflector in it’s G1 toy colors, and the second shows the “Sonic Boom” logo on each of the tail fins.

The most noticeable change in robot mode is going to be the much-improved headsculpt, however there are small things like the addition of actual heels, and the ball-jointed nullrays that really gives this toy a completely new feel once you have it in-hand!

With the amazing color choice and use of the latest Masterpiece Seeker mold, Hasbro has brought us a very much so needed and refreshing update to the previous Masterpiece Seeker offerings. Between it being an awesome piece and the limited nature of store exclusives, I’d definitely wouldn’t recommend waiting to purchase this one.

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