Review: Dream Maker’s WFC-01 Optimus Prime upgrade kit

In today’s review, we take a look at Dream Maker’s WFC-01 Upgrade kit for Transformers: Generations War For Cybertron Optimus Prime. This set definitely adds some flare to an already great figure without losing it’s integrity.

Looking at what’s in the box, there are a few areas that you’ll see left empty, because I’d already assembled this figure prior to reviewing. In the bigger space, there is supposed to be a bag with two screws, and in the smaller space, another matrix: Both of which can fit inside of the modified opening chest as seen in the very first picture of this review.

Speaking of the screws that come with it: You’ll only use one. The other is a spare, and they are used to screw in the modified chest piece as shown below from the back-view.

Note: Do NOT use the original screw from the original chest piece to screw the new one in. It is too big and will strip the threads in the chest piece.

Now, from left to right, we have:

1.) The additional piece for the existing Optimus’ Gun.

2.) The modified (opening) chest.

3.) The Axe.

4.) A photon Blaster.

One thing that’s great about this particular Optimus Prime is the amount of 5mm pegs that he has in his robot form. In this picture we show him holding his upgraded gun in one hand while holstering the Photon Blaster on his opposite forearm:

And here, it shows off his ability to holster both guns over his shoulders using the 5mm peg holes that are on his wheels:

The guns are great, but I love that they included a Melee weapon for him, and a darned pretty one to boot! The Axe has some neat versatility as it can actually fold in half to give it a different aesthetic:

With his alt. mode only having one 5mm peg hole located at the top center, unfortunately he loses the ability to store all of his weapons while transformed:

Overall, this is a very nice kit, with a great plastic quality. One thing that always worries me with clear plastics is fragility, and surprisingly the clear orange parts of these are very durable. It’s also nice to see more kits coming along like this that really add to a figure without completely changing their look or vibe. I’d definitely recommend this, so use the shop button below and order yours right here at TFSource!

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