Review: Mastermind Creations’ KMC-01 Commander Series

In today’s review, we take a look at the first figure released from Mastermind Creations: KMC-01 Knight Morpher Commander. We're also going to take a look at it's redecos Knight Morpher Annihilator (Nemesis), and Knight Morpher Commander X (Shattered Glass). These are currently available for sale right here at TFSource, so if you like what you see, press the shop button and buy these while they’re still available!

(Please note: This review is on the second released version of this mold, which is said to have fixed problems regarding the first release. I cannot speak to the problems of the first release since I do not own it.)

We’ll start by taking a look at the alt. mode of this mold. Personally, I find it fantastic with all of the small detailing and paint apps. on each of them. The contrast of the gold and black on the Annihilator version, and the clear purple of the X version especially stands out.

I want to take a bit to look at the trailer that comes with this mold, because it comes with quite a bit more packed into it than it seems at first glance:

I absolutely love when a transforming toy has storage for all weapons and accessories in both modes, and the KMC-01 mold does not disappoint! Looking at the underside of the trailer, you’ll see storage for his angled hands.There’s also a trailer hitch that swings out, which hints at what a future release may be:

The trailer opens into a more steampunk version of Optimus’G1 weapon’s center, complete with a canon! The Annihilator and X versions of this mold come with a bonus sword seen stored under the canon, while the front of the trailer detaches to become a shield for all versions:

And, that’s definitely not all! The canon itself detaches into four pieces. From left to right in the picture below, we have:

1.) Two Rocket packs. (all versions)

2.) The pieces to his joust (All versions)

3.) The sword (Available only on Annihilator and X)

To take a look at the rocket packs attached:

And the joust:

And now that we’re looking at the robot modes of these, I can show off one of my favorite weapons: The ion blaster that’s formed from the alt. modes’ smokestack (chimney). Here’s Annihilator showing it off:

And Commander showing off the shield:

And lastly, X with the sword:

But that’s not all! Each version’s chest folds down to reveal a removable matrix! It’s almost like the extras never end with this mold!

Overall, KMC-01 Knight Morpher Commander and it’s redecos are just amazingly detailed, have a great size to fit in with classics (stands head to head with Classics voyager Optimus Prime), and packs a lot of G1 homage in it’s accessories/trailer while staying true to the “Hearts of Steel” steampunk style from which they’re derived. A great fit in any classics collection, and I would encourage anyone reading this to go ahead and snag these immediately!

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