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Badcube - Old Time Series - OTS-14 Steamroll (Warrior)

by BadCube TFsource code: OTS14STEAM
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Product Specs

Manufacturer BadCube
Packaging MISB (Mint in Sealed Box), Case Fresh from a Factory Sealed Case
Out of Stock
Badcube - Old Time Series - OTS-14 Steamroll (Warrior)
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Badcube - Old Time Series - OTS-14 Steamroll (Warrior)

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Product Details

OTS-14 Steamroll is MP scale and sized! Figure stands 20CM/8" in tall in robot mode and transforms into a race car. Equipped with a high-velocity jetpack. If need be, he can switch it over to his leader to help stop enemies at their tracks. Steamroll and his brother are always ready for any challenge. They are inspired by reckless acts of courage. Vehicle mode: Unlike Sunsurge, Steamroll's supercar mode is inspired by a real-lief vehicle, yet still keeping the cartoon quality. It highlights the functional hood, car doors, and headlights. Robot mode: We've redesigned his robot mode to make it more proportional. No more stumpy calf and won't have too wide of a chest. Accessories, -4 types of arm weapons/ accessories/ tools -2facial expressions (total) -Redhot jetpack that fit Steamroll and his leader

Improvement highlights: - paint finish - rifle can be stored under the carriage - shoulder cannon stays where it was during the transformation from robot to vehicle, and from vehicle to robot. (no partforming) - vehicle doors, hood, headlights can be open like a real car - 4 'real' tires, not fake wheels - high quality silicone tires - better proportion (narrower) chest, much slimmer lower legs, and the correct look on both bots front and backside.

Note: Other toys shown are for scale/size only, and sold separately.

Customer Reviews

5 stars based on 8 reviews Write a Customer Review
5 out of 5 stars
Nice Mp? Sideswipe
By Megatron on October 18, 2019
I saw Bobby skullface's review complaining about everything about this figure but it's a very well built, aesthetically looking spot on Anime version of Sideswipe. My only complaint is absolutely no metal parts except the screws that hold him together. It looks leaps and bounds way better than Takaras Sideswipe but when it's in my hand there's no weight. I mean for the price he should have some metal parts. Other than that he's awesome.
Sideswipe gets the respect he deserves
By Another Onion on September 04, 2019
It's about time. MP Sideswipe and the other 3rd party options never looked right to me, but I was hesitant to pick this up because the height is listed as 8", making him much too tall to match Hasbro/Takara MP scale. I finally gave in and reserved myself to displaying him on a separate shelf. However, I was thrilled to discover that he's actually under 7" in height, a hair taller than MP Prowl. So, if scale is preventing you from pulling the trigger on this one, you no longer have an excuse.
Most Excellent Update
By An Onion on January 17, 2019
Transformation is a little weird (lots of slider joints) but the results are great. This is a very cartoon accurate Sideswipe. Paint and sculpting is fantastic. Original MP Sideswipe is still good, but I'd say this is easily an improvement.
Well done
By Kombat E Con on September 27, 2018
Now this the definitive MP sideswipe. Paint is great , transformation is complex like most Badcube figures but very satisfying. Love the jet pack accessory and has a better face sculpture then TT( in my opinion). Plastic is good quality but no die cast parts that i could tell.

I will say that the side profile is gappie and legs are hollow but thats just nit picking at this point.

Shot out to TFsource for lighting fast shipping arrived in 3 days standard ups ground. Keep up the Great work team.
By Leah Bonneville on August 19, 2018
Waaay better than mp sideswipe
Mixed Feelings
By Tim on August 11, 2018
While Steamroll's sculpt is much better than MP Sideswipe, there are some shortcomings that I will point out:

Take a very close look at the gap that exists between his knee-cap and his shin. It looks like his knee-cap floats above his shin.

Also, look closely at his feet from a left or right profile and how they are connected to his shin; they also have no real heel. I would describe his feet as looking similar to a rectangle floating on the edge of a right triangle.

I point out these criticisms, because had a noticed them in the photos, I would not have purchased Steamroll. I would have waited for Fanstoys or X-Transbots to produce their version of Sideswipe.

With some of these figures it definitely seems that each successive version is better than the one before. For example, X-Transbots' Apollyon was the definitive Megatron until, that is, MP-36 Megatron was released.

If you are considering purchasing Steamroll, I recommend waiting until another company's version is released—this seems to be the way to go.
The Difference Between Challenging And Frustrating
By AlexReynard on July 15, 2018
Each BadCube figure I've gotten has improved from the previous release in terms of materials and tolerances. Steamroll is their apex. He is a symphony of snug tabs, hinges with just the right amount of friction, gapless seams, and solidity in both modes.

The robot is slender. Just the right amount of cartoon accuracy without feeling unfinished (like MP Sunstreaker). The face looks a little pinched in photos but totally allright in hand. He poses easily with just-stiff-enough friction joints instead of those hexagonal hinge-breaking joints Hasbro has been using. And I love the softly-clicking shoulder ratchets. Mmmmm.

(Bobby Skullface complained of the torso feeling floppy. This is because he transformed the backpack incorrectly. You do have to rotate those grey tabs in as much as possible, then finagle them past where they catch on the sides. This is the only annoying part of the transformation for me. When you push the whole assembly in, you should see the pins go all the way down the slider, not halfway. Once you do, zero problems.)

Car mode is outright BEAUTIFUL. In side-view, he blows MP Sideswipe out of the water. Top view they're about equal, I think. The pieces fit together so well the seams barely show. In fact, that's one of my only problems: getting a fingernail in there to open the doors is a pain in the butt. But the blue, red and black look perfect (I can forgive the visible missile launcher) and the clear plastic parts are just thick enough I don't worry about them breaking. That holds true for the whole toy.

Steamroll is very lightweight, but all the plastics have a quality feel. Much as I adore Sunsurge, I worry about breaking him every time I transform him. With Steamroll, not only does the plastic feel flexible-but-sturdy, no part of the transformation requires the kind of force that'd stress it anyway. This is millimeter-perfect design. The kind of engineering that takes into account paint thickness when making tabs fit.

Simply put, this figure feels like eating a high class meal in an elegant restaurant. The difference between challenging and frustrating is that, for as complicated as this transformation is, the precision makes the whole process feel rewarding.

(Plus, flip-up headlights! OMG!!)
Absolutely Epic
By Aluus on June 25, 2018
My God... He just FEELS so much better than the Masterpiece. He's... Solid. Everything locks in place. No gaps. The weapons store in vehicle mode. You get a ridiculous amount of accessories. I am so impressed.

The transformation is far more complex than Takara, which is what sold me on the figure. It feels like a bloody mess at first, but a gorgeous bloody mess; you'll have it down after one transformation.

I cannot stress how much better a figure this is overall than the official Masterpiece. I've had both. My official broke on me a few days ago, so I ordered this. I'm so glad I did. This Sideswipe is an absolute delight, and I WILL be ordering Red Alert now.
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