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Transformers G1 Reissue Collectible Figures

321 items on 7 pages in G1 Transformers Reissues
321 items on 7 pages in G1 Transformers Reissues

Remember when you were a kid and you took your Frenzy & Laserbeak figures to school, only to lose both during lunchtime? What about that time your mom threw both Soundwave and Optimus Prime in a box then sold them at a yard sale for a quarter apiece? Has this ever happened to you? We all have different reasons for becoming collectors. Sometimes it’s a scenario like this or maybe it's nostalgia. 

Perhaps there’s a figure you never had as a kid or you’re looking to replace a treasured G1 figure you lost years ago. Or maybe you’re a newer collector and want to get started with Transformers collecting. A Transformers G1 reissue figure is exactly what you need! 

Originally released in 2018 as a Walmart exclusive, we're delighted to be presenting these G1 Transformers reissues right here on TFSource!

As Transformer reissues go, this line carefully matches with the original toy line from the 1980s. Featuring original box art and tech specs, these delightful transformer reissues will be right at home in your collection. They're a blast to play with, too.

All of your favorites Autobots are here—legion class Bumblebee, Swerve, Tailgate and Outback—along with Optimus Prime and Hot Rod. Don't forever everyone's favorite Decepticons, Starscream and Soundwave, complete with all of his cassette companions (sold separately).

Just like the original versions, these transformer reissues are easy to transform, typically in only a few steps. Combined with solid plastic, a few die cast parts and stickers that actually stay on the figure, these toys are worth picking up.

Vintage G1 Transformers are great—especially when they're brand new. Reach back into the past with Transformers G1 Reissues at TFSource—your all access pass for everything Transformers