Unique Toys - War Lord - UT-W02 War Rhino Ironhead by Unique Toys TFsourcecode: UTW02WR/31AL

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War Rhino Ironhead is one of 5 figures by Unique toys, that combine together to form the mighty War Lord! Note: Photo is of a prototype, final product will vary.

Promotional pricing is only for the first run of War Rhino Ironhead - subsequent releases will be at the normal price so preorder yours today!

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March 01, 2014

"love this version"

ironhead is wonderful
pros: balljoints in high stress places; good quality plastic; fairly easily transformation

cons: a couple exta twisty parts the instructions dont mention; the peg that connects the main body to form predaking is EXTREMELY TIGHT; the first time you may have to use a tool of some sort to get it out(the same peg is equally tight for savagebull too)

June 07, 2013
TF Kaiser

"an excellent gift"

I got this part of War Lord as a gift for my birthday. It just arrived today so I got to mess with it a little and see how it all fit together.

Like Warhawk, the plastic feels solid and well put together. And our feedback was heard by Unique Toys as they VASTLY improved the way these guys are packaged so no paint is scrapped during transport. Good job UT.

For for Robot Mode: The only weakness in the mold is the arms. They have limited articulation/posability due to the fact that the shoulders and animal legs are all bunched into one place. It takes some creativity to get a good pose out of the arms. The legs have decent articulation and are on par with Warhawk.

Beast Mode: It was a bit tricky to get the legs from robot mode into place as everything was super tight on the first transformation. That part was a bit scary as I thought I would break it. But the plastic is sturdy and held it's own quite well. The giant foot for the combined mode is HUGE and can attach to IronHead in this form and looks really cool. And yes they DO light up! Fantastic!

Leg mode: The leg mode was simple to get into from Beast Mode. The foot piece has a strong ratchet joint for leaning forward BUT not one for leaning sideways as it's only held by friction. This does raise some worry about the feet spreading apart in the combined mode. I hope UT addresses this with either a new foot in future releases or with REALLY strong hip ratchets in the center body mass of their not-Razerclaw.

Given it only has two weaknesses with everything included, I give it 4 instead of my usual 5. Thus far, I think this set is totally worth it.

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