TFC Toys - TFC-08 Wings of the Uranos by TFC Toys TFsourcecode: TFC08WIN/74BL

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This set includes all the weaponry to upgrade your TFC toys Uranos combiner figure! Includes a Uranos chest shield, Blackbird rifle, individual guns, and missile packs as well as a face plate for Uranos! Note: Uranos figure and individual figures sold separately.

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TFC Toys - TFC-08 Wings of the Uranos
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TFC Toys - TFC-08 Wings of the Uranos

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December 12, 2013

"Done with TFC for now"

TFC did hit the ball out of the park with Hercules and I had the same hope for Uranos. Sadly, they failed. What's worse is that this set for $50 really just fixes the largest thing wrong with the figure, mainly why was Ray even considered. The new chest piece does bring things together better but I still feel a little cheated. The combined state for Uranos is how he'll be displayed, so the new guns and the extra missles for the smaller bots is pretty useless. And now with the more G1 accurate gun, you're left with the old gun really to do nothing. There is no way to easily store the old gun unless you latch it on the arm (which doesn't look good) or have him hold it as a sword (which is what I'm doing).

In the end, it basically took over a full year for this combined set to come out and it feels rushed. The design of the combined mode could have been much better and they should have included a new chest piece at no cost.

With the current wave of not-Predakings being released, I've actually found myself not preordering to see what's what with each release. But thanks to the bad taste Uranos left in my mouth, the MMC one is probably going to be the one I purchase.

December 05, 2013


Ok first off I must say I really like the set and feel it adds quite a bit to the uranos figure. The price is a little high but all the little extras make up for it. Including the 8 sets of missles all removable from there pylons. And the 4 G1 style guns which I must admit they are pretty close to what the original blasters looked like though and far exceed the two missles each limp jet came with.

Assembly instructions not included. Took me 15 mins to figure the following out:

Chest ( Move main chest piece into the up position. The chestpiece locks into the peg where P Ray would lock on. Also has to wrap around red taps which need to lock in behind the main arms of the silverbolt figure giving the arms more support)

Ab cover (Make sure the silverbolts hips are in the positioned on the side with the hole and not with the flaps as is the uranos default position)

Square plate with oval opening (Slide from the front under uranos head it limits movements but adds more support to the arms and conceals the gap giving it a more accurate cartoon appearance)

Face Mask (Just snaps right on the face looks great)

Small rectangle with cutout (Not sure assuming head plate cover for the silverbolt head)

Main Gun: (Snap peg into Uranos original gun handle and then into hand)

Small guns no use in gestalt mode.

Missles can be placed on places in gestalt mode. Either on arm pegs or on wings of the planes which can be left on)

December 04, 2013

"Directions not Included"

Well... the chest plate and face mask look cool. I mean, he does look better with the new parts, but... there are all the missiles and extra guns, which don't really have anywhere to go in gestalt mode. The worst part is that there's no instructions with it, so a few pieces are just kinda question marks until you find a video review for it. Rage of Herc added a lot to Hercules. Wings just doesn't do much. I'd have been much happier paying $20 - $30 for just the gun, chest, and faceplate.

November 27, 2013
Lo Cooper

"Wings of Uranos..Get ready for some kibble"

The paint jobs on the guns and missiles are excellent. The missiles peg into the wings nicely. The chest plate makes Uranos more chiseled. Over all not all the parts can be used. For example the shield, with all the guns pegged in makes a stand alone drone.
The big superion blaster I custom fitted as a arm cannon. Unfortunately it looks tacky on phantom in his jet mode.
Plus the crotch plate you will have to remove when you transform silverbolt period. Plus it limits motion on his legs.
Overall I like it, looks like the Superion I am used to when I was a kid

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