TFC Toys - Project Uranos - SR-71 Blackbird & X-47 Phantom Ray by TFC Toys TFsourcecode: TFCPUBLA/77AL

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Blackbird is the third of 5 figures by TFC toys, that combine together to form the mighty Project Uranos! When all combined, these figures will present one of the most impressive combiners to date! Note pricing should be final, but if reduced, all preorders will be updated accordingly. Other plane shown for scale only and is sold separately.

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TFC Toys - Project Uranos - SR-71 Blackbird & X-47 Phantom Ray
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TFC Toys - Project Uranos - SR-71 Blackbird & X-47 Phantom Ray

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March 16, 2013
Lo Cooper

"A better silver bolt"

Black Bird Review
When I received the email black bird was being shipped to me I said "about damn time". All I can say is "huge", when black bird is in jet mode he's longer that my forearm. So let's get to my review on the good and bad.
Good: great paint job; for real. Somehow TFC made warm colors work well on black bird; completely flawless color scheme all around. Quality control: manageable quality control. Black Bird is very sturdy, stiff joints highly recommend transforming him over and over again to get the stiffness out if you desire too. Flexibility is gets 100% you can pose this bad boy in any action pose your heart desire and he stands very well.
Bad: Before I begin this not a dissing portion of my review neither it's a wahh-balance portion either. What I find odd is whit black bird? Honestly in my opinion the jet portion should have been solid black. But this is minor unlike what I read on TF sources FB page people complained about silver bolt should've been a concord. Also one comment I just rolled my eyes some guy said the engineers should cut back on the Saki and drink the cider. Yup my second tad bit is people's complaining and crying I have read about. Combiner mode
When Attached phantom and eagle on also the chest piece I found some qc issues "minor" when I moved the arms, arm peg of black birds arm would slip out. Also wings of phantom would slip out so often when I tried to the good ole 360 rotations. The infamous chest piece was difficult to peg into place. When you get this figure do this first to break it in. Furthermore this figure I have is very new. I suggest playing with it every so often to get the stiffness out. Plus make adjustments to the wings when you move the arms and legs of Uranos.
Over all: I give it 5 stars I am digging the set so far. Ignore the negative comments black bird is getting from people right now. Keep in mind this is Uranos not Hercules therefore the combiner is going to be different and TFC is doing their best to make us collectors happy. I appreciate the good work they're doing and my bank account shows it lol.

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