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For years TFsource has helped bring collectors and their highly sought after Transformers toys and collectibles together.  We get emails every day asking for certain Transformers toys, and wouldn’t you like to help make that happen?  We buy everything from highly sought after rarities, to loose toys, and from any generation or series! 

If you have toys you want to sell us, we offer very competitive offers and will buy anything from one toy to an entire warehouse of toys.  You are also welcome to choose cash, store credit, or a combination of both.

What we buy:

  • MISB, MIB, Loose in Box Toys
  • Complete Toys – include all parts
  • Loose toys – may include some parts, or no parts
  • Parts, Accessories, Instruction Manuals, Tech Specs, Customs

One of the most common questions we get is what format to send your collection list in. The below is our preferred format, and our preferred file format is excel, however you are welcome to send in a similar format, or send pictures (up to 10 megs per email) to curt at TFsource dot com. Please be sure to put the subject in the email as Sell us Your Collection.

Name Series MISB/MIB/Loose - 100% Complete? Notes
Bumblebee G1 Loose - 100% Complete Rubsign Version
Menasor G1 Loose Missing small guns only
Unicron Armada MISB Heavy box wear, toy mint and complete!
Primus Cybertron Loose - 100% Complete Version that includes Unicron head

Convinced you want to sell us your collection?  Go to the Contact Us Page and send us the details.

Note: Turnaround times on collection emails will vary, we tend to value all collections on the weekend so please be patient.

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