Warbot Defender - by Fansproject by FansProject TFsourcecode: FANSDEFN/12AR

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Transforms from helicopter, to armored car, to robot and back. Has some die-cast parts as labeled, and includes more than 30 points of articulation! Includes double pistols, and blade, and comes in great looking and very displayable packaging as shown.

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Warbot Defender - by Fansproject
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Warbot Defender - by Fansproject

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March 06, 2013


I was never too much into Springer until the 2 pack with Ratbat. That Springer is one of my favorites. This is pretty sweet, too. Must have for anyone who loves Transformers. Not my favorite of the Warbots, but he is awesome.

February 11, 2012
shawn taylor

"fansproject does it again"

another fansproject masterpiece, warbot fill the springer void in a classics collection that hasbro did not deliver on. all 3 modes are fun and uniqe and i find myself switchin him back and forth all the time. bein a fansproject relase his quality is top notch and i am really impreesed by there use of diecast on him.
thanx for another great piece fp

February 07, 2012
TNT (Transform and Transcend)

"Fansproject Gold!!!"

Recently ordered Warbot from here at the source. Let me 1st start things off by saying thanks to the source and also Fansproject for the packaging alone. 5 layers of protection between me and figure when i 1st opened the box. Once hes freed from his plastic prison this guy truly shines. Of course being top heavy thanks to the die cast in his chest doesn't help out posing much but when you adjust a few things on him he looks great. Considering this guy can holster his guns and then take em back out is simply amazing. No bots or cons that i know of produced in the mainstream are capable of this. Transformation from robot to car mode isn't too hard except for the arms can be a bit of pain in the butt. From car mode to helicopter can get a bit complex but the final product looks amazing. Standing next to my copy of the protector armor on hot rod all i need his ultra magnus and the city commander set to finish a very nice display piece on my shelf. Having now collected 9 pieces from Fansproject i can honestly say that i will continue to get anything that Fansproject puts out and will enjoy myself. As always thanks to the source and guys get classics ultra magnus back in if you can so this way i can finish my display piece before you run out of the city commander set. Highly recommend this figure even with the price tag of $110 not counting shipping this guy is truly worth it.

July 16, 2011

"What they said"

The above reviews are spot on. I also am geeked out by this guy. The sword will scare you a bit when you first feel it but it survived my four year old getting a hold of it. All around amazing product and worth every penny. Looks great with the other 3rd party (1986) movie characters.

June 25, 2010

"Another Great One from Fansproject"

Spri.... er I mean Warbot it awesome! Triple changes, full of articulation & extremely close resemblance to you know who. All 3 variations of this figure are a well done! You can enjoy all the modes equally! Bravo, bravo! Can't wait for Rodim.. uh I mean Protector from Fansproject as well!

April 03, 2010
chris sterett

"Best Transformer toy ever!"

do not keep this one in the box, the feel, the weight, the paint, the articulation, the smooth transformations, are all just perfect i cant stop gushing over this Transformer, please watch the reviews on this and get a taste of what im talking about and so everyone knows i know what im talkin about before this WB-01, MP-08 with upgrades was my favorite, God bless you and yours

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