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Henkei Classics - Starscream - Coronation Custom Upgrade Kit by Other TFsourcecode: MRF00001

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Product Details

This custom set includes Henkei Classic Starmscream's coronation crown, cape, cannons and shoulder armor! Everything needed to bring your Henkei Classics Starscream to life! Pictures shown are of an early prototype, final product will be high quality and very displayable on your Classics Starscream! This is a very limited edition piece, and available on a first come first preorder basis only.

Note: Henkei Classics Starscream is sold separately and is not included with this set. Some level of customization or minor assembly skill level is required to assemble this kit. Additional assembly instructions are found in the above pictures, to help make this as easy a process as possible.

  • Coronation Crown
  • Two Null Blasters
  • Cloth Cape
  • Shoulder Armor
  • Display Packaging
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Henkei Classics - Starscream - Coronation Custom Upgrade Kit
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Henkei Classics - Starscream - Coronation Custom Upgrade Kit

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September 15, 2011

"Starscream's Coronation"

This kit definitely gives Starscream it's final touches that it deserves. This is a very well made kit. A little kit bashing is involved for the wing hinges but no biggie, any novice can do it.

I picked up a 2nd 25th anniversary Starscream for this kit since I wanted a standard Starscream and also a one with this coronation kit. This product is highly recommended for any Starscream fan! I give it a 10+

August 23, 2010

"Starscream (seeker) upgrade kit."

I loved this kit! Mostly though just for the wing hinge and new smaller lasers. Don’t really care for the cape, crown and shoulder pads but I got my Starscream on EBay for cheap due to the fact he had no missile launchers, so this kit works great. I’m currently going to buy enough for all my other seekers (repainting them as I go). All in all great product highly recommend.

June 12, 2010

"Classics Starscream 2.0 Coronation Upgrade Kit"

Despite what I've heard about this kit I am more that satisfied with my purchase. The main complaint is the assembly and to tell you the truth it is fairly difficult but once completed it adds so much value to the figure! I can't say enough about the added articulation to the wings. It is such an added surprise it even makes this figure great even if you don't add the crown, cape, shoulder pads and lasers. Love it! Here are some tips on the assembly: The modified wing attachments do need to be shaved down a bit. You can use a little sandpaper to do this (much better than using a razor). Be patient and shave off a little at a time until you get the desired result. You don't want to over do it or you will have a loose fitting piece. Do not shave too little because forcing the pegs through will definitely cause a breakage. The plastic is hard but the pegs can be broken because of how narrow they are. Good quality but definitely not something to drop on the floor. It does not make the figure look stubby at all as some people report. One major problem I do see it that the Crown fits so tight it will rub off the black paint on top of Starscream's head so either you leave it on or take it off but don't keep moving it. Other than that I Highly recommend this Kit!

May 13, 2010
Liam Farrell

"A kit fit for a decepticon leader"

For a first product from a new company, this is quite impressive. Not only do you get the coronation crown, shoulder pads and cape. But you also get cartoon accurate null-rays to replace the oversized missle launchers. And you get replacement hinges for the wings, that allow the wings to pivot back in robot mode thus solving the main issue with the classics/ henkei starscream. And there's a Leader 1 head included too so with the hinges and head in place (and some grey paint) you can have your own deluxe class Go-Bot! What I like about this kit is that you can choose to what extent you can customise your Starscream. He looks fine with the cape and crown and null rays alone. But if you've never customised a transformer before then this kit is a good place to start. the hinges and head don't require any major experience or tools and the instructions are clear and simple to follow.If you're an experienced kit-basher then the pieces will be easy enough to put in. On the down side, the cape isn't made of the greatest material (not unlike the cape you get for the masterpiece Starscream) and mine had a minor tear in it. Also the crown does look rather chunky on the figure. But it was reduced in size (along with the null rays) after complaints at the protype photos. So Megavolt Robot Factory are obviously listening to their customers. And for all you get for the price, this kit is good value and really does make your starscream look so good that no one will ever disrupt his coronation!

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