KM-01 Knight Morpher Commander by Mastermind Creations TFsourcecode: KM01KNIG/25D

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This is a great looking custom figure by Master Mind Creations! Transforms from train to robot and back, and is highly detailed.

This is the 2nd version of the Knight Morpher that includes the improved QC.

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KM-01 Knight Morpher Commander
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KM-01 Knight Morpher Commander

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September 22, 2014
Nathan Whitecomb


I loved this guy. I like having different pieces in my collection and this "Steampunk" prime is just awesome. A good solid figure with alot of options with his weapons.

June 26, 2010
David Aguero

"Is it Just me?"

After reading all these Positive reviews I went ahead and ordered this "Great" Figure from another retailer who had a discount on him. Man I have no idea if its just my luck but my figure was Junk. It was full of Qc issues. His left arm is so loose it can't even hold his shield. It flops all over the place. The joint used to bend his fore arms down are so tight that they add stress marks to the forearm part if you try to put the fore arm down. The "Removable" Matrix takes off the whole blue chest Piece when removed. The Plastic on the sword is flimsy and feels like it can be easily broken. The red wheels on the figures waist are so loose they just flop all over the Place. Over all this was one of the worst wastes of money I have ever bought. It felt like a bad Ko from china instead of a high priced figure. I was highly disappointed and would never recommend this figure. I really wish these reviews would be written Honestly. As that would have saved me some money.

April 06, 2010
Mike Syfritt

"A Comic Dream Come True"

After 6 months of patiently waiting for this figure to become available I have to say I'm quite impressed. Evolutions is my all time favorite mini series to come out since GI Joe vs Transformers from Image. When I read this I was captivated by the art design for the characters but immediately gave up hope of ever seeing a toy line of these guys. Thanks to Mastermind and TF source my hopes and dreams are starting to take shape.

With the exception of a few colors and one small DIY fix on the head visor this toy is spot on to the art design in the book! And with some added imagination since they never showed the inside of the trailer.

My hat goes off to you for making it happen. I sure hope to see future designs from this comic come to life. If it does I will be there to sign up!

April 05, 2010

"(HOS) OPTIMUS PRIME Knight Morpher Commander "

OMG, (THIS IS A *MUST HAVE) I got it and just Love all the detail and transformation is very fun. If you want a twist to Prime that works, this is it!!! Buy it now from, these guys are great! Now we can hope for(Hearts of Steel Megatron) Thanks, G1COLLECTOR

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