IG-TF007 iGear Computer Control Center by iGear TFsourcecode: TFC07CCC

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Product Details

This custom diorama is reminiscent of the computer control center from the original 80s Transformers TV series! Includes all the different parts to recreate scenes from the series, and is similar in scale. An iGear exclusive piece, includes all of the parts as shown. Note: Updated! Now includes mini soundwave tape deck (no Decepticon Logo on final product)

  • 1x Mini Soundwave Tape Deck
  • 1x Center Computer
  • 1x Left Side Computer
  • 1x Right Side Computer
  • 1x Scanning Satellite
  • 2x Screen
  • 1x Maintenance Center
  • 1x Manipulator
  • 12x Front Wall
  • 12x Floor
  • 4x Side Wall
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IG-TF007 iGear Computer Control Center
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IG-TF007 iGear Computer Control Center

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February 21, 2011
bryan fox

" way overpriced for the flaws this product has"

Dont get me wrong, it looks good once you assemble it but for the price, the stickers should have stuck,instructions should have been included,connections should be sturdier and stay together without having to tape or rig it to stay in place. I think it was a great idea but the price tag is way to high for the flaws this kit has.

February 16, 2010
Christopher Tennyson

"Looks Fantastic, but the Quality Should Be Better"

Putting it together is a nightmare, and it doesn't even get put together, really. The floor panels pop off of each other, and I had to use packing tape on the back of the back wall pieces, since they won't stay together, and rest the whole thing against my actual wall, since it won't stay connected to the floor pieces. Trying to lightly - and I want to stress LIGHTLY - press on the sticker for one of the monitors, and the clear blue piece that is the monitor screen came unglued. The rest of them, I had to push from the back, just to make sure it didn't happen again. And, the stickers don't even stay stuck. I'm going to have to go at them all with superglue. Also, I'm missing the little solid orange monitor from the middle of the big console. I didn't realize this until an hour and half later when everything was "assembled", and all but 3 stickers had been applied. I really don't care at this point. It would be a bigger hassle to take everything apart, then to put it back in the box, then contact TF Source, then ship it back, then wait for a replacement. It's really not worth it.

Once it's "together", though...it looks amazing. It fit perfectly in my shelf unit. There's even about a half inch on either side, too, and I was worried it'd be too long.

It's simultaneously both a piece of garbage and a masterpiece. If that's possible. LOL...

This is my first experience with "iGear", and honestly, the impression was not great. I really don't know if I want to get anything else from them ever again.

But I don't regret getting this. It looks beautiful, and really makes my Classics Autobots collection pop. Unfortunately, it also makes my Classics Decepticons collection look really drab...LOL...

My review for TF Source? This is the third time I've ordered from them, and every time is better than the last. They are truly a great website, and offer a nice selection with competitive prices. Everyone should buy from TF Source. A++.

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