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Masterpiece Thundercracker by Hasbro TFsourcecode: MPTHUNDER/E

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Product Details

This is the US release of Masterpiece Thundercracker!

  • MISB (Mint in Sealed Box)
  • Collectible Condition
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Masterpiece Thundercracker
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Masterpiece Thundercracker

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October 30, 2012
masterpiece tafo

"Awesome MP"

Very nice figure, paint is good not great. I wish it was more of a premium paint job (like king Grimlock) , but very good none the less. Just like MP-11 very posable. Heel spurs are such a small addition but make a huge difference to the figure. Plus way cheaper than Statscream or Sunstorm. If you don't own this mold, you'll never find a better opportunity than this one.

October 21, 2012
Fred X.

"Amazing figure!"

Of all of the Masterpiece figures that I have from Hasbro, this is perhaps the most beautiful. The glossy blue paint on the figure is a wonderful mixture of deep blue and a hint of green. Jet mode is just plain epic with many small details referencing back to the G1 days of Thundercracker with tampographed images of reflector and other small details. Transformation is exactly like MP-11 from Takara since Thundercracker is a straight repaint of that figure. The engineering is wonderful and the transformation is easy once you know how to unhitch all the tabs and pegs that hold the jet mode together. Robot mode is stunning. It is lacking in paint applications but nonetheless the figure is still very stunning. The blocky proportions of the MP-11 mold fits Thundercracker very well whereas the original MP-03 mold's sleeker asthetics fit Starscream and Skywarp. Articulation is much better than the previous 2 Seekers that Hasbro has given us due to the mold upgrade and you can get many stunning poses out of this figure. Minor problems are the two sharp protrusions from the wings that don't fold up and the legs can bump into them while attempting to pose the figure. The tailfins fall off just like the original seeker mold but can be easily re-attached without breaking the figure. Like the original, the upper body doesn't lock down very well and tends to slide around on the transformation joint. The plastic of the figure also feels very soft and the ratchets aren't quite as strong as they should be with a very dull click rather than the stronger click in the original Seeker. But overall, this figure is amazing and one should not hesitate to pick this up, even if you have the Takara Masterpiece Thundercracker. 5/5 and totally recommended :D

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Mint Box Description

A mint box generally has no noticeable flaws. This doesn't mean it is a C10 box, but that it doesn't have any significant damage to the box. It still may have wear to the window, and a small amount of wear to the box that is noticeable upon close inspection.

C9 Box Description

A C9 box is still considered very displayable and may have a kink, ding, minor fray to an edge, etc. The box is still case fresh and unopened with factory sealed tape on both sides.

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