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FP-DX Armored Battalion - Set of 3 - Limited Edition Holiday Exclusive by FansProject TFsourcecode: FPDXHOLI/50AL

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Product Details

Note: Picture is of a prototype, final product may vary.

This is 2012 limited edition exclusive for the holidays! Features all three figures with updated molds, all new color scheme!

  • Set of 3 Figures
  • MISB (Mint in Sealed Box)
  • Deluxe Display Packaging
  • Case Fresh from a Factory Sealed Case
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December 27, 2013
Matthew Dacus

"Excellent Set (Excellent Set)"

so if you you get the subject line and what it references you'll dig this review. I'm not going to compare this to the o.g. set that came out back in 85 or whatever, I was born that year, and I have never owned those figures, but these guys definitely live up to the originals. They are a little clunky but the articulation is there and they just feel good in your hands and I felt right at home putting them next to the Hercules build-a-cons on my shelf. For some reason I came out with extra weapons...? Oh well I'm not complaining, and although I wasn't crazy for the price, I paid 120 for hexatron and another ten for his upgrade and these guys come awesome ready to go out of the box, so pick em up if you want some good insectobots, the stuff hasbro has been releasing hasn't be "thrilling" me lately, that's all I'm sayin.

June 13, 2013

"Excellent Figures"

Great paint apps and beautiful detailing. Much better and more fitting uses of the molds!

May 01, 2013
Ryan Stevenson

"Awesome! "

I just got mine in today and these guys are awesome I really the colors and the are so much to play with there are some minor issue with my blockade where some of the pieces are very clean with when they were cut, but other than that the joints are tight and the play value is endless I am really glad I got this version of the molds.

April 29, 2013

"Excellent rendition"

These figures are great! Tight joints and excellent articulations. Well worth the price. I will look forward to each Fansproject offering in the future. The only negative I can see is that the set did not include Venom. Hopefully a mold will be made in the future to fully complete the group.

January 23, 2013

"G1 Chunkiness + Yummy Colors + New Heads/Weapons = Happy Camper!"

If you love yourself some chunky robots with alt insect modes in rich, eye-catching colors PLUS all new head sculpts AND new weapons, then this is the set for you! For the very fair asking price posted here at TFsource you get all three of the FansProject figures from their Causality line. If you missed out on the first release of these guys in the scheme of purple and black and your wallet weeps at the current price point of CA-03, 04 and 05, then have no fear! FP-DX Armored Battalion is here! One minor qualm about the set is the lack of the comic/instruction book that Fansproject (and many higher grade 3rd parties are offering these days) is not a part of this set. You DO get instruction sheets; in fact three separate ones for each character. And by 'sheet' I mean sheet - literally. One page, front and back print. Also one 'combined' bio-card is a bit of a downer, as it is very nice to have one for each character, making each one feel like they have their own story to tell and place in their splendidly idealized FansProject fiction. To make up for that, you'll find a special bonus: an additional, separate baggy complete in Christmas Tree green with 3 lovely bonus weapons (one each of what the 3 FP-DX Armored Battalion LE Holiday Exclusive figures come with in the sealed box set). Use these for dual wielding on your 'Holiday' 'BugBots' or hand them down to your other Causality figures.

January 02, 2013
Andrew T

"Most impressive repaints"

This set is pretty amazing. Fansproject knocked it out of the park with the original set of InsectiCLONEs but, now they drop the "ninja" style and masterfully repaint these three with new head sculpts into homages toward the later deluxe toys released back in 1987.

Well worth the modest asking price for three excellent pieces! A MUST BUY!

January 02, 2013
Michael Terrell

"Highly Recommended!!!"

First I want to say that I just got this FP set on December 24th and I must say I am very impressed with it! I mean Fansproject first causality set is great, but this second run is very awesome! The color for each Ultracon robots that comes with this set is a great homage from the G1 era. Each comes with unique weapons and different head molds to differentiate from them the first Fansproject Causality set and not only that, but you get a small bag of extra weapons for these guys or to use with Thundershred, Stormbomb, and BackFiery! All I can say I cannot recommend this set enough for your 3rd party Transformer collection! A must buy for sure!!!

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