Transformers 2012 - Generations Series 01 - Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime by Hasbro TFsourcecode: 2012S1OP/17AM

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The Transformers Generations line continues where the classics line left off, bringing forth more modern versions of legendary bots from the G1 days. Each figure is reminiscent of the Generation bot from the same name, with a more modern styling and a great likeness to the heritage of each figure.

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Transformers 2012 - Generations Series 01 - Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime
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Transformers 2012 - Generations Series 01 - Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime

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March 27, 2014
nemesis prime

"i am optimus prime"

i love the figure, yeah, he's small, but ignore that and you have an excellent interperatation of FOC optimus,the reds are much brighter than the pics say, and the blues are better too. if you get the cance, DON'T WASTE IT!!!!

August 14, 2012
Fred X.

"Decent figure. Where did the hate come from?!"

Ok first things first. He's tiny, but his truck mode is blocky and... well.. kinda cute. Very nice truck mode no complaints there. The transformation is very simple and fun to do. The robot mode is not as bad as some reviews and pictures made it seem. His shoulders aren't that badly positioned and I think it is fairly natural and accurate to the video game. The gun can also be attached upside-down so it can be a rifle rather than the awkward pistol in the pictures. He is very posable actually and can execute some very nice action poses, including the ground pound to wake up Metroplex from the Fall of Cybertron game trailer. My major complaint is that he should be a voyager size figure, since he is the shortest of the Fall of Cybertron/War for Cybertron figures and should be much taller to be in scale. Overall, 4/5. Very cool figure, one should get it even if they have the War for Cybertron Optimus Prime.

July 19, 2012
Andrew T

"Honest Opinion"

Okay, first things first - Yes, Optimus is small. But get past his size and you have a really awesome figure here. The transformation is surprisingly fun, if not a bit easy compared to WFC Optimus Prime. The detail on the head sculpt is fantastic, with bright blue eyes and nice steel highlights. His gun is posed wrong in the picture, it should be the other way around, so that it resembles OP's rifle much more and looks to be part of his arm like the weapons do in the video game.

Pictures do not do the colors justice either, he has very classical Red and Blue!

Optimus is a great addition to any collection, despite his small stature. Pick him up today and ROLL OUT!

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