Japanese Transformers Prime - AM-19 - Gaia Unicron by Takara/Tomy TFsourcecode: JTFPAM19/14BL

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This is the Japanese Transformers Prime series, and features the US versions of the Transformers Prime toys in all new Japanese packaging, and many pieces will likely feature unique color schemes and metallic paint colors.

Note: AM Prime & Megatron are sold separately but can be combined with Gaia Unicron as shown.

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Japanese Transformers Prime - AM-19 - Gaia Unicron
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Japanese Transformers Prime - AM-19 - Gaia Unicron

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September 21, 2013
Jon V

"A complete mess."

I can forgive a bad alt mode (many have debated as to what, exactly, Prime Unicron's alt mode is), but I can't forgive a bad/defective transformation.

Simply put: Unicron does not properly transform. When I follow the instructions to flip his chest plate up (and over his shoulders, forming the pyramid top of his alt mode), the piece simply does not flip over the shoulders. Worse yet, it causes the fragile plastic to warp - further attempts would outright snap the connector and make his chest unable to snap in place. The front of the chest has a small, rectangular hole that should allow the plastic connector to rotate through, but the measurements must be off because it simply will not slide through in order to allow the chest to flip up properly. Further proof of poor engineering: if you put on the faction stickers and crystals on his back (behind the face), the face will no longer close properly! Ergo, you're better off leaving those snap-on crystals off. Why didn't they plan the measurements better?

Other than that, the figure has an awkward transformation (overall) which makes it feel like a hodge-podge of parts scrambled together into a makeshift mountain form.

The robot mode is amazing, but if it can't properly transform, then what's the point of paying so much for this? I'm very disappointed. I bought Prime Unicron with full knowledge of the awkward alt mode, but no one mentioned the horrible transformation, nor the defect that prevents the chest from flipping up. BUYER BEWARE.

The micron is excellent, at least. Just don't plan on transforming this guy ever.

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