Japanese Transformers Prime - AM-16 - Vehicon Jet by Takara/Tomy TFsourcecode: JTFPAM16/10B

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This is the Japanese Transformers Prime series, and features the US versions of the Transformers Prime toys in all new Japanese packaging, and many pieces will likely feature unique color schemes and metallic paint colors.

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Japanese Transformers Prime - AM-16 - Vehicon Jet
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Japanese Transformers Prime - AM-16 - Vehicon Jet

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August 08, 2012
TNT (Transform and Transcend)

"Jet Vehicon"

First thanks to the source for great packing and fast shipping.

Starting things off with the small arms micron with is a lizard that transforms into the now trademark blaster of the vehicons. Stickers on this guy looks pretty good and very simlpe transformation to blaster form.

Moving to the jet vehicon itself its a very good version of the show model down to a T. The actual plastic is a light pink towards a purple. Its not the same decepticon purple that most people might think but its nice in the end if you ask me. Transformation into robot mode is almost the exact same as the ground based version with the exception of the wings needing to be undone from the sides of the fuselage. Once in robot mode this guy is simply amazing and the stickers bring a drab flat black alive with some needed apps of pink/purple. Also the stickers on the wings are silver with slits cut out to fit over the raised portions in the wings. Sadly you can't do the gun popping out of the arm gimmick like you can with the 1st edition and RID version but you can mess around with it to make it look pretty close.

Sadly with this being a Japan only figure just like Breakdown for the time being you can only buy this toy from here at the source or just wait till Takara makes this guy a hasbro release as well. In all honesty since i now have 2 of this guy one from here at the source and then another one from a different site i can honestly say that this toy will be highly sought after for anyone who is a fan of Transformers Prime. Plus new episodes of Prime are confirmed to start up again on Aug. 24 so we will see what happened to Bulkhead after the events of Toxicity. Looking forward to more great releases that will hopefully make their way across the ocean and into the masses.

August 03, 2012
Eric Peterson

"The Flying Drone kicks tail pipe!"

As always, I got this off the source, fast shipping as always guys.

Jet Vehicon is a nice update to the RID mold. Adding a new vehicle mode and a slightly different robot mode. The new shade of purple does this figure justice. Both modes are very accurate to the show.

Vehicle mode:

Very accurate and a solid piece. No loose ends that I could find. The stickers add a nice metallic streak like the other Japanese figures. I love this altered mold for the Vehicon. This mode also features a landing stub on the front for placing on a flat surface. Nothing fancy, but it's small features like this that makes the figure more enjoyable.

Robot Mode: very similar to the RID version. It's just slightly bulkier by comparison for the new vehicle mode. The Transformation is just the same except for the folding of the wings to the back. Expect no surprises for the transformation.
Posability is the same as the RID version. The wings can get in the way, but all it takes is some slight movements to fix that. The arms can move freely with little effort.

The Micron:
A pleasure to put together. Makes for a great Assault type weapon. It's much bigger than the blaster given for the normal vehicon though. This may be a case where a smaller size would look better. But with some movements in the hand and the handle of the blaster, you can make it looks like it's coming out of his arm. It works very well.

Overall: 5 Stars. I love this toy. Pick it up if you can.

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