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Dr. Crank is the third of 6 figures by TFC toys, that combine together to form the mighty Hercules! When all combined, these six figures will present one of the most impressive combiners to date! Note: This is the second edition of this figure that comes in the grey packaging.

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TFC Toys - Hercules - Dr. Crank
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TFC Toys - Hercules - Dr. Crank

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January 03, 2012
Casey Nichols

"One last comment"

First, Tfsource is my first choice for all my tf purchases... Perfect packing, Perfect shipping, and exceptional customer service the very few times I have needed them. Second, I couldnt be more excited about this Hercules line... only 75% complete and already the most asked about piece in my collection... and Lastly... OMG please please watch this review, "accidental" humor sometimes is the best. Enjoyed the last 3 minutes more than any review on y-tube.... crash...smash "Very solid, supports himself very well... granted he doesnt have a leg" Not being a jerk, love the real and honest review. Part of the reason why I love this site :)

December 19, 2011

"Keep them coming!"

TFC really thought these guys through with design.
Tight joints, accuracy, and wonderful transformations. Dr. Crank (Hook) is just the latest in the grand scheme for a proper Devastator for the modern toy line.
Finally having the upper body for the combined mode give a nice perspective of what is to come from the last two figures in 2012.
I personally can't wait to finish this set. TFC continues with wonderful figures and TFsource has continued their high standard for wonderful service towards their customers.
Nothing but 5 Stars on all sides here!

December 16, 2011
Adam Lazo

"It just keeps getting better"

At this point im officially in love with the TFC toys Hercules figures.

I thought that structor was going to be my favorite out of the lot but Dr. Crank is just perfect and is easily a tie with him.

He even is a near side by side perfect homage to the original character much like structor. Proportions on this character are truly wonderful and the build is extremely fun transform in all modes.

Robot Mode : honestly it doesnt get much better than this no looseness and the figure is solid across the board. His G1 look is nearly perfect. The crane is essentially a prop to stand him up unless its slung over the shoulder

Vehicle mode: I like the crane mode alot I am still a bigger fan of structor but the cranes extension is just extremely cool. The mass of the toy in crane mode is impressive. Wheels do feel a little flimsy but not bad.

Hercules Mode : There is something esthetically wonderful about this transformation. I find my self splitting the crane in half constantly for that satisfying snap to feel. The size of the head of hercules is also impressive and very nicely done.

Notes: The head of hercules nearly matches the original G1 toy minus the silver and quasi Visor which is later fixed with mad blender. Also there are flipp out pegs all over this guy even in spots you dont need em which makes you wonder if they have other modes planned.

The only cons are the pegs are hard to flip out becareful as I have cut myself trying to flip one really tight one out.

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