MP-11 - Masterpiece Starscream - Coronation Set by Takara/Tomy TFsourcecode: MP11STAR/

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This Masterpiece figure from Takara Tomy is the highly anticipated MP-11! Masterpiece Starscream includes mold updates of Masterpiece Starscream, including for the very first time a coronation crown, shoulder armor and cape set! Truly a Masterpiece, this piece also includes amazing packaging and is a must have item for any Transformers fan.

Note: We received this from a trade-in and the price reflects what we paid the collector for their piece

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MP-11 - Masterpiece Starscream - Coronation Set
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MP-11 - Masterpiece Starscream - Coronation Set

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November 17, 2012
masterpiece tafo

"Better than MP-03"

This is the best version of Starscream period. This one can actually stand. I wish the color was more of a premium/metallic paint. Great jet mode, and the kibble on robot mode isn't as large as the previous version. If you have to choose between the two, MP-11 is the way to go.

April 29, 2012
TNT (Transform and Transcend)

"MP-11 Starscream"

Recently purchased the new masterpiece starscream and i'll say this right now BUY HIM!!! This guy is freaking sweet. Comes packed in bot mode with an actual coronation set from the 1986 movie right before galvatron blasted him to scrap. The main differences are easy to see in robot mode when compared to the earlier seeker mold. Main differences include a remold of the lower legs to allow the parts from the plane to remain on the leg instead of turning to some very obtrusive hip kibble. The null rays are now on rotating armatures that allow for posing options in robot mode and also don't detach for jet mode they just swing around. The arms for redone to remove the extra kibble from plane mode of the original. The head has been redone as well with a more accurate cartoon face vs. the original. Transformation into jet mode is quite easier than the original. Sadly not coming with a display stand means you can't get any aerial poses but if you own the earlier mold you have a stand that will work with him plus he can still use the megatron gun from MP-01 along with the clip from the earlier seeker mold. MP-11 stands alot easier thanks in part to some simple changes including a heel piece finally when compared to the earlier seekers who can't stand for crap. Should Takara repaint this mold into Skywarp and Thundercracker colors then i'll make certain to buy those as well. I can honestly say that MP-11 is well worth the purchase and i can't wait for the repaints which we all know will be coming soon. BUY HIM!! BUY HIM!! This is truly a masterpiece to add to any transformer collection

April 28, 2012

"My Fellow Decepticons..."

Starscream's back, and he's never looked better. The term "Masterpiece" has never been more accurate. the detailing, the engineering, the accuracy, everything is amazing, a marked improvement on my MP Skywarp [I never bothered to get Screamer, then I heard this one was coming out]
Only two slight complaints; on the back of the cape, the screws are just slightly showing through the plastic "material". And I'm rather disappointed by the face. much like MP Rodimus, the face is devoid of all character or emotion. And unless I've missed something, there is no alternative face such as that on Skywarp and Thundercracker.
Hoping for a third-party head mold at some point, mayhaps with a sly smile or a triumphant wink.

April 15, 2012
Aaron Meneses

"This IS Starscream!!!"

Yes. I am one of the fans that said, "not another seeker mold" when the news came out. But having owned and later sold the previous seeker molds, I'm glad I did and purchased MP-11. The head sculpt is much better! The legs are more stabalized enabling the figure to stand and do more poses! I have to transform it to jet mode but I too prefer it in bot mode. Guys, do not sleep on this figure!

April 09, 2012
rudy malibiran

""WHO INTERRUPTS MY CORONATION!!!" "coronation starscream , this bad comedy" dy"

Mp-11 Starscream's coronation!!! OUTSTANDING!!! Simply put , its actually better then ALL the other starscream's they've done , plus the add on coronation sets!!! He doesn't come TF into jet mode , he comes in robot mode!!! Way cool , because I personally do NOT like transforming any masterpieces!! Its a personal preference , unless I have no choice!! In robot mode a really great accurate looking starscream!! His head has black glossing paint shine and the face is a dark grayish!! With eyes being red it gives glow and with his gold crown its so STELLAR!!!! Also the side arm null ray guns have a inner swivel!!! were its easy move his arms for display poses!! They don't pop off as easily as previous starscream's and other jets/seekers!!! they can come off and snap back on!! I can't say anything on jet mode!! I will say that this very impressive!! A better design , time engineering they did!! This really capture Transformers THE MOVIE scene of starscream's coronation!! As you will see for yourself if you get him!!! I will admit like other fans "not another jet/seeker"!! how ever , I'm really glad that got rid of my other mp starscream and the coronation set!!! And went with mp-11 , for a one g1 fan to many OTHER fans!!! you will truly love this mp-11 Starscream's coronation I do!!! my-b day is on the 13th , early birthday gift!! Thanks TFsource OUTSTANDING job you guys and gals do, UROCK!!! :)

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