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Up next from iGear - the legendary PP05W Weapons Specialist Figure!

  • 1 x PP05W - Weapons Specialist Figure
  • Case Fresh from a Factory Sealed Case
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iGear - PP05W - Weapons Specialist
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iGear - PP05W - Weapons Specialist

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November 01, 2013
Thomas Ruggiero

"G1 Fanboy heaven"

At first glace opening the box I thought "He's tiny, but damn he's packing heat!" The transformation was very fun with amazing detail and articulation. Didn't even need the instructions thanks to the video review TFS posted. Gotta tell yeah I love the new MP series but I wish they had rubber tires. This guy has rubber tires so I'm ready to ROLL OUT! (sorry had to fit it in somewhere)

November 02, 2012
Dre Merc


This nicely constructed figure packed nicely. All the pieces are secure, and there are a lot of them: weapons, accesories, extra heads that further pay homage to the Ironhide's personality.

The vehicle mode looks good, with little panel lines, and visible vehicle seats! Oh, and it fits in MP-10's trailer nicely. The bot mode is fantastic: tight joints, great articulation from head to ankles, highly poseable, plenty of robotic detailing.

August 28, 2012

"Red looks good!"

As I opened my weapons specialist I observed the box to find that it was simple with a big picture on the front with a character story and xray like overview of the figure and all its accessories. The figures chrome looking parts decorate the vehicle mode where as the robot mode is sturdy and and fairly posable (can stand on one leg, albeit not easy to do) With a pistol, sniper rifle and other cannons, weapons and tools its hard to choose which ones to display him with. There is also two different heads you can choose from. Did I mention the plastic quality is really good and I didnt have any fear transforming him! Definitely worth picking him up, especially if you missed out on the hard to find classics/henki Ironhide.

August 22, 2012
Andrew T

"Time to bust some Decepti-chops!"

Much like PPOWM, PPO5W, Weapons Specialist is a throwback to our favorite ornery, friend from the past.

G1 accurate van mode features a very sturdy, compact design, robber tires and very few panel lines.

In bot mode, Weapons Specialist is a spot on resemblance to the 'thick skinned' hero who's always achin' to bust some tail pipes. With three different head sculpts, massive gattling cannons, chrome-plated missile launcher, large fusion cannon, Sniper rifle, knife and more, he's WELL equipped for the job!

The figure itself features only two small die-cast parts and is very light, but feels solid in both modes.

Its as close to a master piece work of "Red" as you could ask for. Worth the price if you're a fan of the originals!

December 13, 2011
Thomas Lemieux

"Can't wait for this product to be released."

Weapons specialist was always my favorite transformer. And the original G1 toy never lived up to my standards. Not having a head is unexceptable. So now with this release from iGear balance has been restored with this awesome looking figure with accessories to the max. He even comes with blasters that resemble the same ones that come from the live action transformers movies of today. Great looking toy that a kid at heart in disguise can't wait to get.

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