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CA-04 - Causality - Stormbomb - by Fansproject by FansProject TFsourcecode: CA04STOR/77B

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CA-04 Stormbomb, from the latest Causality series from FansProject. CA-04 Stormbomb, from the latest Causality series from FansProject. STORMBOMB---Desending from the troop and saved by the powerful master "Skycrow". he has harnessed his power of control over the element "Wind". Creating havoc everywhere he goes, elemental aerial attacks such as whirlwind and flash storms, to over power multiple opponents.

* 1 x Kusari-fundo (Chained Weight)
* 2 x Kama (Small Scythes)
* 2 x Sai (Ninja daggers)

Figure Height: 12cm

Single package's size: 17 x 17 x 8.5 cm

  • MISB (Mint in Sealed Box)
  • Case Fresh from a Factory Sealed Case
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CA-04 - Causality - Stormbomb - by Fansproject
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CA-04 - Causality - Stormbomb - by Fansproject

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September 14, 2011
Andrew T

"Another A+ from Fansproject"

My Stormbomb just arrived today and after opening up the box and performing the inaugural transformation, I must say, Fansproject once again knocked this one out of the park. I can't give enough praise to their "not" combaticon figures, and these "not" insecticons are just as amazing. I love the ninja theme that FP went with for these figures! Definitely pick these guys up if you can!

September 12, 2011
TNT (Transform and Transcend)

"Bombshell Reborn!!"

Just got Stormbomb in earlier on today and i must say that Fansproject delivers the goods once again. Stormbomb comes to us in robot mode and with quite a good bit of weapons including extra parts for Thundershred in case you broke some of the blades. Good thing with me is the simple fact that i don't mess around with my pricey 3rd party toys as much as i do with mainstream. Stormbomb comes with packed ready to play ninja or just slice some robots to shreds. Sadly just like Jason said there is no way of storing the chain in bug form but it doesn't matter since in robot mode the chain makes for a nice weight at the end of either the Sais or the Kamas he carries on his back. Transforming to bug form is easy with a nice bit of compacting the legs and lifting up the waist armor. My only downside with this guy is the simple fact that the front legs in bug form are his Kamas from robot mode and they will fall off fairly easy. The overall color scheme that both Thundershred and Stormbomb share take me back to the original G1 insecticons when they were released with the purple and grey colors. Of course the old toys have no where near the level of posing that these guys have. At only $48 plus shipping this guy rounds out a really nice space on my shelf next to the other 6 figures and upgrade pieces that i have from Fansproject. I can't wait for Backfirey to make its way to the states so i can complete the set and really watch these ninja bugs trounce bots and cons alike if they get pissed off. Get this guy along with the other 2 insects because trust me you will not be disappointed in the least with these guys.

September 07, 2011
Jason The X

"Fansprojects Stormbomb"

I received my Stormbomb today and once again I am pleased overall. Of course Tfsource delivers with lightning fast delivery and very protective packaging. Nice big box with brown paper as a buffer enclosed in bubblewrap, but you guys knew this already. Getting him out of the box you also see Fansprojects has given us another windmill star weapon for Thundershred for those that had problems with the first. The figure is a small deluxe size and showcases that same pose ability we saw with CA-05. The colors are very nice with paint yellow on the chest this time instead of yellow plastic. The weapons look to be the new darker plastic the new CA-04 weapon is made out of and is definitely the appeal of this figure in robot mode. The chain is twice as long as the figure and help with a lot of armed to the teeth poses. The shoulders on this one help to cover the ball joint and have a really good look to them. He even has a slight ball joint for his waist. The insect mode gives that more vehicle shaped like an insect then the original insecticons. This mode is executed a bit better than CA-04 the only downside I see is the legs which could have used and extra joint and maybe made a bit longer. Also there isn't anywhere to store the chain in this mode. As I said before I really like this figure and he looks really great with Thundershred. Very cohesive look to them with enough detail fro them to stand out as individuals. Only one more to go.

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