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This custom piece from BTS toys is fully transformable and fits a G1 cassette! A more modern rendition of a vintage classic! Note cassette tape shown is not included.

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May 04, 2015
No Fleshling Worms

"This Thing Nearly Soured Me on All Third Parties"

The negative reviews are not exaggerating.

I was impressed with what I took to be an updated version of G1 Soundwave. Sonicron was my first - and nearly my last - third party purchase. This thing is straight garbage. Where to begin... The looseness of this toy makes a beat-up old original Soundwave seem sturdy. Transformation is needlessly awkward, and parts do not adequately pin together. It flops all over the place in robot mode, and shows many gaps in cassette recorder mode. The selling point, robot mode, looks much less cool in hand, as well. Both knees and elbows are far too high in the limbs. A giant hinge sticks straight out the back of the waist. The imposing solidity of the chest area looks like a goofy box in person.

After throwing away $60, I vowed no more third party purchases. It wasn't until a friend showed me his collection that I reconsidered. Still, regardless of any alleged improvements they may make, I'll never again put a dime towards "Best" (sic) Toys. If a zero star rating were possible, Sonicron would warrant it.

December 20, 2012
Porter F

"The worst toy I've ever bought"

This guy is for display only - and only robot mode, at that. Try and transform him, and he will literally fall apart in your hands. I couldn't even get him into recorder mode. After reassembling the parts that either split or simply fell off, I managed to wrestle Sonicron back into robot mode, so he could at least look nice on the shelf.

Bottom line: Beautiful design, horrendously poor construction. Save your money or just leave him in the box. You'll be happier either way.

March 31, 2012
jason olson

"great in box awful loose"

When I first got this toy I was ecstatic with how great this piece looks in the package. And the packaging is one of the best from any 3rd party company out there. This is where the good things I have to say about the toy stop. When I took it out of the box I could not even display it as it will not stand on its own every joint was that weak. There is not one tight joint on my Sonicron. This is a great piece to look at in the box but out of the box it is just a piece of..... I can not urge you enough to be very cautious when you purchase this piece. Make sure you have to have it, there are many many many other 3rd party pieces I would reccomend over this. In fact I can not think of one I would not rather have than this pile of sonicrap.

March 14, 2012

"Nice design poorly executed."

Very loose joints. Door will not stay closed with a cassette inside. Latch is weak even when empty. Legs will not collapse together properly so when transforming to recorder mode it doesn't go together well. Had to trim some excess plastic to get the left arm to slide into place in recorder mode.

January 29, 2012
Andrew T

"A more even review..."

I'm going to try and provide a more balanced review here...I really think the Sonicron figure is a fantastic fan piece. Designed after Guido Guidi all hail megaton design of our tape dispensing favorite Decepticon, both modes work VERY well. Sonic here transforms into a recorder now but still remains the iconic blue and silver. He comes with two different head sculpts, one with a more curved visor like on the package art, the other with a more straight visor wich looks very G1! Sonic stand about as tall as a deluxe class figure and comes with his familiar gun and shoulder launcher, as well as and additional missile pod.
Now, as much as I love this figure, the other reviews issue need to be addressed. First and foremost, sonic isn't a "toy", and doesn't have the tremendous durability of one, though he is quite sturdy, in both robot mode and recorder mode, there are some lose areas that need some fiddling with , however, my figure is very study in both modes, can absolutely stand on his own, and stays together quite well. He is able to store g1 cassettes in his chest, however only Overkill seems to allow the chest to stay fully closed. BTS is making new cassettes which will most likely fit far better. Tremor and Frequency look to be more suitable for storage.

So if you want a more toys action figure, Sonic might not be a great fit, but if your a big AHM fan and love Guido Guidis design of Soundwave, then Sonicron is a great addition to your collection!

July 08, 2011
Chad Elliott

"Sonicron, my folly"

Even before transformed, the Sonicron has a looseness that affects almost all joints.
Recorder mode is terrible. It just does not stay together tightly.
The hip/torso assembly is just not strong enough to allow to keep the bot upright.
Did I mention that even when I did get Sonicron to stand some parts of the
legs would pop off, and no I am not referring to the "speakers".
I really regret wasting my money. I did like the weapons, paint application, and
the ejectable tape deck.

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