TFC-006 Phantom of Screamer Set A by TFC Toys TFsourcecode: TFC006SA/16C

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TFC Toys once again brings a great add-on kit to spruce up your Masterpiece Starscream! Included in the A kit, is waist armor for the G1 colored MP Starscream, as well as the DW comic series "War Within" Multi-blade gun/weapon add-on, and finally a G1 style Military Operations Commander Gun (cannot transform). Spice up your Masterpiece Starscream today with this impressive selection of add-ons!

  • 1 x Waist Armor
  • 1 x Multi-Blade Gun/Weapon add-on
  • 1 x Military Operations Commander Gun (non-transformable)
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TFC-006 Phantom of Screamer Set A
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TFC-006 Phantom of Screamer Set A

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December 17, 2012
Andrew T

"Very Versitile Set!"

This specific set, Set A of the Phantom of Screamer gear is actually pretty amazing - the claw-like weapon from the War Within story line fits great on MP Star Scream, but you can use it on other MP Seekers as well. It can even be attached to Fall of Cybertron Bruticus' arm for Flame-thrower mode.

As for the tiny Shockwave gun, I couldn't be happier with it! It has a normal grip for MP Figures, or remove it and it has a regular peg-grip for nearly any Transformer toy there is (including FOC Bruticus, again!)

For the price, this is a great little add on to pick up from the people that brought us Hercules and Uranos!

February 02, 2011

"Mildly recomended"

I would LIKE to give this kit a higher rating than 3-
However it sadly falls short in 2 major areas.

1. The blades of the wrist attachment are unpainted , stark white plastic. If anything was going to carry through from the prototype, I might have expected the silver paint on the blades.

2. The inclusion of the "Shockwave" style pistol. It makes NO SENSE to include this item at all, as Starscream never used a weapon of this type in ANY fiction. I would have much preferred the funds that went into this part of the kit gone into the aforementioned silver paint. Especially since they bothered including a part on the hip armour to "holster" it ( which, given the shape of the gun, winds up looking pretty silly)

Barring those 2 areas I CAN recommend this kit; The wrist mounted blade weapon DOES look good- Even better, if you take the time to paint the blades yourself. The wrist section fits snugly in place and won't fall off in casual posing and the hip armour greatly compliments the waist section.

Overall- mildly recommended if you can get past the "shockwave" pistol and are prepared to do a bit of paint work. 3/5 stars.

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