PE-01FR - Perfect Effect - Shadow Warrior 2-Pack by Perfect Effect TFsourcecode: PE01FRSW/10BL

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Product Details

The popular Shadow Warrior figure from custom toy maker Perfect Effect, is reborn and recolored as a dynamic two-pack set! Included are both the blue and red coloring of this popular figure as shown.

  • 1 x Red and 1 x Blue Shadow Warrior Figure
  • Weapons and Accessories
  • Display Packaging
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PE-01FR - Perfect Effect - Shadow Warrior 2-Pack
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PE-01FR - Perfect Effect - Shadow Warrior 2-Pack

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March 16, 2012
Jeremiah Thom

"Soundwaves mincons never looked so good"

I will be brief. These two although small are perfect fits to the Generations WFC Soundwave. The detail right down to the head sculpts is outstanding. Perfect Effect really has an eye for detail and it shows with these two.

August 05, 2011

"Little guys, BIG value."

These were the first perfect effect figures I bought. After seeing many reviews on them I decided to give them a shot. And There is no way I'm regretting it. These little dudes fit perfectly with your classics/generations/reveal the shield line better than the United versions of these two bots. These perfect effect Frenzy and Rumble are great for articulation and on screen accuracy to their G1 counterparts. They fit well in most Transformers hands when transformed into their blaster mode. what they lack in a cassette tape mode they make up with firepower and it fits well with the modern toys. A great buy if you're a fan of G1. Go for it!

April 02, 2011

"This kicks tailgate!"

awesome toy for your collection now warning it contains small parts and is only a bit taller than a minicon from the armada toys but is very detailed and another warning, I got my frenzy(blue) figure with 2 right arms but otherwise its a great scale to the other classics figures so if you can its highly recommended for purchase!

November 28, 2010
Optimus Prime

"PE-01FR - Perfect Effect - Shadow Warrior 2-Pack"

I had waited to get these two until I could get a good deal on them. Afterwards though I was amazed at how good they are. In robot mode they look spot on like their G1 counterparts and look perfect when next to the Device Label Soundwave. Throw in the USB Ravage and the only thing missing is Laserbeak or Buzzsaw. I HIGHLY recommend these two for anyone who is a fan of Rumble and Frenzy. Yes they are small, but they are so detailed you won't mind it. These two are some of my very favorite 3rd party products along with Warbot Defendor/Springer and City Commander/Ultra Magnus.

June 12, 2010

"Shadown Warriors Rule!"

Awesome pieces! They don't turn into cassette tapes but other than that it's a must have for G1 fans. Great articulation on head arms and legs. Added Riledrivers/Laser Cannons attachments Rock! Closest thing to how these guys looked in the cartoon!

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