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Iron Factory - IF-EX11 - Evillord
$44.99  $39.99 (11 %)
DX9 D02S - Splinter
$99.99  $89.99 (10 %)
Make Toys - Armageddon - Add-on Kit
$114.99  $104.99 (9 %)
APS-03 Barricade & Soundwave Set!
$144.99  $125.00 (14 %)

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Superior customer service. This is the Source!
S. Domina
When you spend your hard earned money at TFsource you know that you're getting the Enthusiasts' treatment. If you're the type that spends that extra five minutes in the toy aisle eyeballing paint apps, weeding out dented boxes, or looking to avoid assembly errors, these pro's service your peace of mind. Unparalleled customer service, unrivaled packaging techniques, and in-your-hands-before-you-know-it shipping deliveries. For this collector, it's gotta be TFsource or nothing at all.


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