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Encore #23 - Fortress Maximus Encore #23 - Fortress Maximus $349.95  $279.95 (20 %)
ToyWorld - H-03 Swamper ToyWorld - H-03 Swamper $109.95  $99.95 (9 %)

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I looked all over Amazon for a Cylconus and Rodimus pack, but could only find it for a price I coudldn't afford. I went to TF Source, and found it for $10 less, putting just within my price range! Thanls, TF Source!
Was very impressed with how fast TFsource shipped out my item and at a good price too. I will definitly buy from this site again in the very near future. Now my TFC Devastator is complete and he is phemoninal looking. If you guys havnt yet started to collect these voyager size constructicons, i highly recomend u start.
Travis "Trit" Doyle
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