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Bullsfire - DB-01 Air Strike Bullsfire - DB-01 Air Strike $199.95  $164.99 (17 %)
DX9 D02S - Splinter DX9 D02S - Splinter $99.99  $89.99 (10 %)
KFC - CT-02 Tempest KFC - CT-02 Tempest $75.95  $54.99 (28 %)
Make Toys - Quantron - Set of 5 Make Toys - Quantron - Set of 5 $429.99  $399.99 (7 %)
Bold Forms - BCS-01 Lonewolf Bold Forms - BCS-01 Lonewolf $134.95  $124.95 (7 %)
APS-03 Barricade & Soundwave Set! APS-03 Barricade & Soundwave Set! $144.99  $125.00 (14 %)
FansToys FT-05T Soar - Red Version FansToys FT-05T Soar - Red Version $199.95  $180.00 (10 %)

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I live in Denmark, which is Thousands of Miles away from the US and on the other side of the globe. I ordered a package Wednesday, with the cheapest shipping option. And i received the mopnday after! Now thats fast shipping and delivery!
The Source knocks it out of the park every time. I submitted an order late on a Tuesday night and received it on the following Saturday morning. I raise a glowy-pink glass of Energon to you, TFSource.
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