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Bullsfire - DB-01 Air Strike Bullsfire - DB-01 Air Strike $199.95  $164.99 (17 %)
DX9 D02S - Splinter DX9 D02S - Splinter $99.99  $89.99 (10 %)
KFC - CT-02 Tempest KFC - CT-02 Tempest $75.95  $54.99 (28 %)
Make Toys - Quantron - Set of 5 Make Toys - Quantron - Set of 5 $429.99  $399.99 (7 %)
Bold Forms - BCS-01 Lonewolf Bold Forms - BCS-01 Lonewolf $134.95  $124.95 (7 %)
APS-03 Barricade & Soundwave Set! APS-03 Barricade & Soundwave Set! $144.99  $125.00 (14 %)
FansToys FT-05T Soar - Red Version FansToys FT-05T Soar - Red Version $199.95  $180.00 (10 %)

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I've been shopping here for the better part of a year. The page is easy to navigate. The stock is overflowing on awesomeness. And the staff...the best part of the TFSource has to be the staff. Every package is wrapped with the same loving care each and every time. Should anything ever be missing, wrong, or broken in any way, TFSource will make sure everything is fixed super quickly. I highly recommend this business. TFSource is THE Source!
Josh Buesching
I sold my collection to TFsource and was very happy with all aspects of the process! The communication with staff, the offer, and of the products in trade! TFsource is very fair and accommadating to the seller's needs. You can feel safe in dealing with them.
Jay Dee
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