Fansproject - Function X-4: Sigma L by FansProject TFsourcecode: FPFX03SL/80C

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Sigma L as part of the Function-X series, is fully articulated and features a unique transformation.

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December 13, 2014
Nathan Whitecomb

"Dude...I like it...I really like it"

I was sooo happy with this guy his size and features. He is like the count dracula of transformers. The way they made him was awesome

November 09, 2014
Alex Reynard

"Fantastic as a shelf piece, lousy as a toy"

If you're buying Sigma L for his looks and durability, you will likely have no complaints. His robot mode is an amazing vampiric badass, and the plastic feels solid enough you could chuck him down the stairs without worry.

But what I've liked most about the other FP headmasters has been their amazingly inventive transformations, and this is where Sigma L was a major disappointment to me. I was so hoping he was a little more complex than how he looked from the photos, but no. Instead of the brilliant shapeshifting of Code or Smart Robin, Sigma basically folds up into a rectangle with awkwardly-proportioned bat parts stuck on. The laziness is exemplified by the fact that his robot arms aren't even hidden in bat mode, and the feet could have easily rotated inward to become a tail, but no, instead they just hang off his butt as kibble. The coffin-cockpit is easily the most creative part of the toy, but even that's marred by the toy's overall stiff tabs and joints, making transformation and posing just feel unpleasant.

For the others in this line, great attention was paid to both modes. With Sigma, he is basically a truly gorgeous action figure that happens to have a transformation. In contrast to some figures I own where I keep noticing little touches where the designer went above and beyond, Sigma feels like a first draft. As if every step of making him was solved with the first, most obvious idea that popped into the designer's head. Maybe my expectations were too high, but maybe the creativity of the previous three raised them to that point.

October 19, 2014

"Another great Function-X figure"

FP continues to make awesome figures with Sigma-L. The Function-X line consists of great figure after great figure, and Sigma-L is no exception. While he's not quite up the level of awesome engineering that FP demonstrated in Smartrobin, he's still a fanastic figure. Coloring and posability are top notch, though his weapons don't integrate as well into his alt mode as the other Function-X figures. Still, that's a minore quibble, and Sigma-L is definitely worth your time and money.

October 16, 2014


Appearance: 5.0
Articulation: 4.5
Transform Complexity: 5.0
Material/Chrome: 5.0
Mold Precision: 4.5

Overall Rank as a collection: 5.0

Fantastic action figure.
Better than WB000 WB001 WB002
Better than CA03 CA04 CA05
FPJ is making progress.

October 10, 2014


Have to give it to fansproject they know how to make toys.... It have some weight to it and is not light like Smart Robin, Weird Wolf or Code. The transformation is fun and just looks great. I can't wait to see what they do next.

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