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Constructed from the Transformers Generations Wheeljack (see the Generations series at TFSource) body with a new head, Over-Run — the renamed Decepticon Battlecharger Runabout — is one of the two re-imagined Battlechargers released by the official Transformers Collectors’ Club this year. And in celebration of my first visit to Botcon (I’m headed to Dallas this morning) and the arrival of Runamuck I’ve decided it’s time to share my thoughts on Over-Run with you guys. Enjoy the pics . . . and I hope that you also find the words a bit useful.

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The designers behind OVer-Run are geniuses! It wasn’t until the photos were released last year that I even started looking at the Reveal the Shield Turbo Tracks/Generations Wheeljack buck as a useful base for many different classic Transformers toys, but once I saw Over-Run and Runamuck I realized just how versatile the body actually is. In fact, looking at the body and thinking of Botcon exclusives over the years led me to create a digital illustration showing how it could be used to create the Triggerbot Backstreet (posted at Seriously, the basic body is great and should be pulled out a lot for years to come.

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But how is Over-Run in his alt-mode? Awesome! Everything locks neatly together, and the colors on the toy work every bit as great as they did on the original 1986 Transformers Battlechargers Runabout. (Search for “Runabout” at TFSource.) Holding the toy and driving him across the floor — yes, I am that much of a geek — I can say that the car rolls smoothly and, as you can tell by the photos, the design looks great. But then it’s hard to go wrong with that black and red color scheme and those cool lines.

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I’ve got absolutely no complaints at all with the toy’s alt-mode . . . but that won’t come as a surprise to anyone who already owns the Reveal the Shield Turbo Tracks/Generations Wheeljack toys.

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But as cool as the alt-mode is, Over-Run really shines when you get him converted to robot mode. The addition of the pistol was okay, though I’ll likely just display the toy with his hand weapon locked away, but it’s the new head that works out really well and helps transform the toy from Wheeljack to the Battlecharger he is now. I do kinda wish that the designers had gone with the original toy head rather than the cartoon/IDW comic head, but what we got looks great (and I suspect at least one third-party Transformers manufacturer is already looking at a kit with red racing stripe decals, a new head, and a new shoulder cannon).

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One minor problem of writing a review of a toy that’s basically just a repaint of a previously-released toy is that it gets tough to dive too deeply into things like the toy’s sculpt and articulation — I suspect that everyone reading this review already owns either Reveal the Shield Turbo Tracks or Generations Wheeljack — but maybe if I focus on the photos instead of trying for a point-by-point look at the toy all of you will be happy.

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Between the cool alt-mode and fantastic robot mode you had better believe that Over-Run is very playable and fun. While the wings, hand weapon, and double shoulder cannons take him a little away from the original Runabout look, you can easily change the appearance by concealing the hand weapon, collapsing the wings down, and storing one of the shoulder cannons away. And that’s exactly what I’m doing (at least until someone makes the upgrade kit that I’m looking for, and now that I think there are other ways to make him look like the original . . . maybe it’s time I get into the upgrades business).

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I love it! Over-Run uses an already-fantastic basic body to bring me an update of the of the Transformers toys that I had as a kid, and now that I’ve got both him and Runamuck the duo of evil robots is ready to attack my shelves and terrorize every other toy in my collection. He was pricey when I ordered him, but having Over-Run and Runamuck together in my collection was worth the approximately $100 it cost for the membership and this toy.

Now I’ll have to keep an ear to the ground while I’m at Botcon and see if anyone’s working on the upgrade kit that I want so that this fun toy will be even more like his classic self.

Search for Transformers Collectors’ Club exclusives at TFSource.

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