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Top 5 Transformations


Transformers that transform, at TFSource!

Optimus Prime! Transforms from tractor trailer to robot with headquarters and back. That’s the whole point of Transformers, figures that can be converted between modes. While the process of going between configurations is an important one, we can often attach more importance to factors such as appearance, scale, accessories, aesthetics, posability and the like. But this week, I will be …

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Toy Review/Pictorial: X-Transbots Apollyon

XTB Apollyon

X-Transbots is on the right track

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Unpopular Opinions

Combiner Wars at TFSource Here

Combiner Wars at TFSource Here

Whenever you see discussions about the best Transformers from a particular line or era, over a big enough sample, you can see patterns emerging and the same figures can rise to the top of most collectors’ lists. Once in a while, a certain Transformers toy, concept or aesthetic will be loved by many, and disliked by …

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Collector Interview 35 – Brad B


One man and his army

I would normally take issue with interviewing a Transformers collector who won’t reveal his full name, but if you’ve spent any time around G1 Transformers forums in recent years or TFW2005 generally, you’ll know Brad “Th0r4z1n3″ B from his legendary seeker-focused collecting or his status as an ex-moderator of that gigantic Transformers forum, so I’ve no doubt you’ll be able …

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Fifty Shades of Rare


If you still want the best Movie Prime, buy here

I should probably apologise for that click-bait title, but it does represent the topic of this article quite well. It’s impossible to go one year on an active Transformers forum without seeing at least one discussion about the rarest Transformers of all time. Rarity, however, comes in many shapes and sizes, some of which I …

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Masterpiece – They’ve Got Form (Part 3)

MP Starsaber at TFSource

MP Starsaber at TFSource

Right, we’ve looked at what has been released in the Transformers Masterpiece range over the last year and a bit in Part 1 and Part 2, now – with one notable exception that cannot …

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Toy Review: Mastermind Creations’ Felisaber

MMC Felisaber

The journey is now complete!

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Masterpiece – They’ve Got Form (Part 2)


Masterpiece Ultra Magnus sold at TFSource

That’s right, I didn’t pre-order Masterpiece MP-22 Ultra Magnus. Thankfully, Masterforce.co.uk and Orbital Comics came to my rescue in the UK and I was able to get my hands on one, which is just as well because he sold out sharpish and is only going to go up in price as all Masterpiece seem to do when they’ve been …

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Masterpiece – They’ve Got Form (Part 1)


Masterpiece Transformers from TFSource

Takara Tomy and Transformers Masterpiece have been knocking it out of the park recently, actually, for quite some time. Despite 3rd party companies beginning to converge aggressively on the Masterpiece scale and aesthetic, filling apparent holes in our collections that TT supposedly will not get to for years, the official stuff is as popular as ever and arguably getting better. From …

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Collector Interview 34 – Jon Strong


The heroic twosome

One day, should I move on from Transformers collecting, writing, hobbying and all related activities, I will have memories. Memories of my favourite figures, the best conventions and stories, and the people I met during my tenure in the fandom. People and things will stand out because they were unique, unforgettable and awesome. Jon “Napalm” Strong will be one of those people. …

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