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Making The Grade – Part 1


Grading virgins, Fireflight & I

These days, invariably, you will find good condition factory sealed vintage Generation 1 Transformers preserved, immortalised, imprisoned, desecrated (delete as appropriate) in an acrylic display case, with a grade attached. The AFA – or Action Figure Authority – grade toys like Transformers be they factory sealed, opened and unused or even loose. Everyone has an opinion on this, from not keeping toys …

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Toy Review: Fansproject’s Cubrar and Tekour

Fansproject Cubrar Retail title

The Lost Exo Realm Series is really ramping up!

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Collector Interview 31 – Michael Kingcaid


I’d be smiling too…

Get me an interview, now. That’s what I said to my friend when he shared a picture of Michael Kingcaid’s Transformers collection with me a week before Michael himself shared photos with the Internet. I then received numerous emails and Facebook tags to get in touch with the owner of this amazing collection and collar him for an interview. Luckily, by that stage …

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BadCube, Good Toys? (Part 1 – Brawny)


BadCube Old Timer Series “Brawny”

Transformers are popular, minibots are popular, Masterpiece is popular. Takara Tomy have just put the elements of that formula together and created Masterpiece Bumblebee, but not before a bunch of 3rd party companies had a stab at it first. One of those companies was Cubex, their interpretation of Masterpiece Huffer, called “Old Timer Series …

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Remind Me


Lovely old Diaclone catalogue image

Just very recently I read a great┬áblog post by Dave Barry (Gangu Stars) on a new phenomenon called ‘digital collecting’, a practice whereby toy enthusiasts strictly collect images of toys they desire instead of physically owning them. Now while most of us want to be able to touch and transform the items …

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Window to the soulless

There’s good reason for everyone to be excited for Mastermind Creations’ Reformatted R-08 Azalea. MMC have an excellent recent track record with Terminus Hexatron, Bovis, Leo Dux and Talon all hailed as big successes with lasting appeal and quality befitting high end Transformers collections. It is also a chance for collectors to add an Arcee-inspired Transformer to their collections from a credible manufacturer, …

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Collector Interview 30 – Karl Hartman

No introductions necessary

No introductions necessary

Decades from now, when we look back on the Transformers phenomenon and specifically the Transformers fan community in all its evolving glory from patchy little groups across the world to a globally connected, flourishing mass of thousands and thousands of enthusiasts and collectors, the names of 2 people will inevitably stand out. They will stand out and stand the test of time. …

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Best of 2013 / 2014 – Three Years Of Source Articles


Cross-generational quality

It’s been over three years now that we’ve been producing articles and collector interviews for the TFSource Blog, and just as with the previous two years, we thought it might be interesting for our readers to see what the top 5 most visited and read articles have been over the last 12 to 14 months. One thing the results have shown us are that our …

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Toy Review: Mastermind Creations’ Azalea

MMC Azalea

This warrior definitely doesn’t come off as “delicate”!

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If You Lost It All… (Part 1)


Any 3 of these 5 for me

If for whatever reason you lost all of your Transformers collection tomorrow, what figure would you buy back first? That excellent question was asked by Alex Kirk at a UK Transformers meet recently and created some fascinating discussion and introspective analysis. After the initial wave of “Nothing, I’d be free!” responses, everyone who was asked the question gave some very …

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