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Yesterday’s Heroes

Red or Black?

What’s scorching hot today in vintage Transformers collecting and often labelled “rare”, causing a frenzy on auction and realising astronomical end prices? Japanese exclusives like Liokaiser, Black Shadow, Blue Bacchus, Big Powered, Guard City and Battle Gaia? Peruvian minibots? US Defensor giftsets and high-grade sealed Megatrons and Soundwaves? Well it wasn’t always that way, over a decade …
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Is It Conceivable? – Part 2

Early Cybertron wall

Japanese Transformers are not just an exotic flavour to be sampled by collectors who fancy adding a touch of spice to a normal G1 collection. Some Transformers enthusiasts actively try to complete the whole run of Takara G1 Transformers from start to finish. In addition, a few hardy souls even take up the challenge of finding all of these foreign …
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The Transformers Red Tracks made famous by a Dutchman

The Internet has a lot to answer for. While a majority of what (and who) turns up online should be re-buried, there are some bastions of hope, intelligence, creativity and inspiration. Each of us found our own way into the online Transformers collecting community and discovered those early websites choc full of treasures we’d never seen or …
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Variant Collectors or Collector Variants?

How to make toy collecting even more obsessive? Add numbers

Toy collectors, we’re all a little insane, obsessive, compulsive and generally not 100% grown up. But just like the enormous variety of generations, sub-lines, categories, specialisms and characters that exist within the actual Transformers toy lines, there is an almost equal amount of diversity evident within the types of collector that populate the Transformers toy-buying community. …
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