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Slightly More News To Me


Mainland European G1 Divebomb in bilingual packaging

The law of diminishing returns dictates that beyond a certain point, there is less reward and result for an equal amount of input. In terms of vintage Generation 1 Transformers research and discovery, this basically means that as time goes by, as much as we continue to hunt for variations, exclusives or oddities from different and often obscure parts of …
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The Lost Tribe

Spanish KO Minibots

Bootleg Mountain

Minibots got everywhere. They were in Generation 1 in North America and Europe on cards, they came out in Japan in boxes and then cards, they originated in Japan in boxes with different colours to Transformers, they were available in a rainbow of new decos in a number of South American countries, moulds were re-purposed as new characters and painted as such in …
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Marginally More News To Me

Apparently a rare toy!

Under the weight of newer Transformers products, one can sometimes find it hard to keep up with every new variant and development that comes along, never mind continue to catalogue the unyielding tide of vintage discoveries that continue to be made. In some cases, the vintage revelations are news to most of us who hadn’t paid close enough attention to certain …
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Is It Conceivable? – Part 3

Iga Pipes, Hasbro and Kabaya Huffer

Welcome to the jungle. This is no place for collectors who dwell in the safe confines of AFA cases or between walls of MISB Japanese Transformers. The minibot collector and variant hunter has to get his hands and feet dirty travelling well off the beaten path. Digging up histories of countries not previously associated with …
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Collector Interview 04 – Marco van Leeuwen

Marco says it's good to make friends

September sees us press on with our collector interview series, however this month we spotlight a Dutch Transformers and pre-Transformers collector who is slightly less active in the online community than our previous interviewees, but whose collection does all the talking for him. With a very significant selection of pre-production and prototype gems from the world of Transformers toys, …
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