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Ambassadors – Part 4



Pick one Transformers toy to represent an entire line, category or series. Simple, isn’t it? Not when you consider that your choice cannot solely reflect a personal preference but instead should embody the qualities of the whole line and give non-collectors or non-believers a way into a particular Transformers sub-category. It’s why Jetfire cannot represent Generation 1, the rest just don’t measure up! This week our …

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Collector Interview 09 – David Buenaño Hochman

Best garden gnomes ever

So far, our collector interviews have been extremely toy and collection focused. And rightfully so, there are members of the Transformers collecting community who have poured their souls and fortunes into amassing the most unbelievable collection of pre-Transformers, sealed vintage items, prototypes, variants and rarities. They deserve recognition for their achievements and contributions to the furthering of the hobby and its collective …

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Movie Stars

Are you LadiesMan 217?

Take some desirable performance cars, add three blockbuster movies and a slew of “Big F***ing Robots”, toss in a healthy amount of character and screen accuracy topped off with a sprinkle of functional poseability, a few drops of the world’s attention and soak in the nostalgia of a G1 Transformers collector’s love for Autobot cars. What have you got? An instant hit, …

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