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Lovely old Diaclone catalogue image

Just very recently I read a great blog post by Dave Barry (Gangu Stars) on a new phenomenon called ‘digital collecting’, a practice whereby toy enthusiasts strictly collect images of toys they desire instead of physically owning them. Now while most of us want to be able to touch and transform the items …

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If You Lost It All…(Part 2)


Cast of TF Noir?

Last week we explored an intriguing question posed by UK Transformers collector Alex Kirk: ”If for whatever reason you lost all of your Transformers collection tomorrow, what figure would you buy back first?”. We expanded the question to include the first 3 toys a collector would buy as either a collection rebuild, …

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TF Zone Metrotitan

Transformers Zone D-340 Metrotitan

If you’ve ever been in the business of selling items from your Transformers collection, chances are it was for a good reason. When action such as that is properly justified, it can be lived with and we move on, waiting for a point in the future where any regrettable sales can be undone. I know personally I have sold to raise money …

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Ebay Adventures

Discolouration Articulation Nation

No Transformers blog is complete without the occasional rant about auctions, that is after all where most of us still get our toys, especially vintage. Whether it’s through eBay, Yahoo or a proxy bidding service, most of us have had bad experiences and taken chances that haven’t worked out. So here is my first auction rant of 2014. 

[caption id=”attachment_6397″ align=”aligncenter” width=”700″ …

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Collector Interview 18 – Erwin W

By now we have seen a lot of thoroughly impressive Transformers collections and breathtaking displays. Having been in the hobby for over a decade now, even though it’s easy to assume I have seen it all, as more people expand their collections to become larger and more complete I am continually surprised by the quality of collectors’ achievements. It is rare, however, for me to …

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Yesterday’s Heroes

Red or Black?

What’s scorching hot today in vintage Transformers collecting and often labelled “rare”, causing a frenzy on auction and realising astronomical end prices? Japanese exclusives like Liokaiser, Black Shadow, Blue Bacchus, Big Powered, Guard City and Battle Gaia? Peruvian minibots? US Defensor giftsets and high-grade sealed Megatrons and Soundwaves? Well it wasn’t always that way, over a decade …

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Collector Interview 15 – Chuck Liu

Some have more to miss than others

It’s time for a change. So far, all of the collector interviews we’ve had on Source Blog have focused on one perspective, that of people still in the game. This month, again, we’ve picked a very prominent and well-known collector whose name and online handles may never be forgotten as long as the hobby exists, …

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Dust off that old photo album...

Win some, lose some. You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. If you love something, set it free. Pick your favourite hackneyed phrase and apply it to the practice of selling certain Transformers from your collection to finance newer or more expensive ones, or just changing the guard. Some collectors are fortunate enough to …

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Collector Interview 13 – Bryce Rutledge

A wise Ras once said rooms should be measured in 'Detolfs'

Starting off our second year of featured collector interviews on Source Blog is a TFW2005 member who has been getting a lot of positive attention for his exceptional loose toy photography, and deservedly so. He is also an active community member who knows the pain of selling a collection and then …

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Collector Interview 03 – Eric Warren

The child within

This month we continue our series of collector interviews with a well known Transformers collector and blogger whose collection pictures inspire the kind of awe we all felt on our first trip to a Toys ‘R’ Us in the 1980s. We hope you enjoy his insight into the changes experienced by the collecting community in the last decade, his fabulous collection pictures and …

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