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Metrotitan - $150 in 2002

I often get told by collectors that they couldn’t possibly imagine starting a pre-Transformers collection due to the staggeringly high prices every item commands nowadays, and it’s true, Diaclone and even Micro Change Series prices do seem to be on a perpetual rise. However, the same collectors are spending hundreds per month on Masterpiece and 3rd Party items, …
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Is It Conceivable? – Part 4

GiG Trasformer Micro Change Series

Chic, prestigious, expensive, revered, exotic and understated all at once, these are the Pre-Transformers. All of those things that make them special contribute to so many of them being unobtainable. As widely as Diaclone and Micro Change Series toys were released globally in various guises, their distribution and quantity was certainly nothing compared to the blanket that was …
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Small World

Seriously, how many times can I recycle this pic?

Take one quick look around the online Transformers collecting scene and you’ll see a number of extremely active and healthily-populated forums, thousands of vocal collectors and enthusiasts interacting online, at shows and meet-ups, through blogs and reviews. There are also no shortage of eBay members around the world chasing any decent valuable toy from the earlier vintage …
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