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Flight Of The Bumblebee

Deluxe 1976 Chevrolet Camaro Bumblebee.

Deluxe 1976 Chevrolet Camaro Bumblebee. TFsource movie toys can be found here.

I could describe this character in so many ways. He has grown to become one of my absolute favorite characters, even influencing me to dedicate a corner of my collection just to his toy. For me, the appeal is easily there. To others, he can only be …
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Escalation – A Collector’s Story

European G1 Starscream

It’s 1984 and you’re too young to remember The Transformers. It’s 1986 and you’ve seen “Arrival from Cybertron” on television and VHS many times. You are moved by Starscream’s traitorous behaviour and Mirage’s heroism. Your parents take you, your older brother and cousin to the biggest Toys ‘R’ Us around. While you’re looking at Teddy Ruxpin bears your mother says “Your brother and cousin have …
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How The Other Half Live

Property development

Collectors, can’t live with ’em….well, that’s just it, you can’t live with them! Or can you? For years some of us have wondered how our better halves, friends and family have viewed our primary passion and the inevitable amount of time we are required to spend in order to collect Transformers seriously. Sometimes conflicts of interest lead to arguments if our partners don’t buy into our …
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Variant Collectors or Collector Variants?

How to make toy collecting even more obsessive? Add numbers

Toy collectors, we’re all a little insane, obsessive, compulsive and generally not 100% grown up. But just like the enormous variety of generations, sub-lines, categories, specialisms and characters that exist within the actual Transformers toy lines, there is an almost equal amount of diversity evident within the types of collector that populate the Transformers toy-buying community. …
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The Appeal Of Pre-Production – Part 2


Hot Rod was meant to be pink? They actually MADE a grey Astrotrain? What do you mean Alternators Jazz was supposed to be a Porsche?! Having begun to explore the appeal of pre-production items in the later Transformers universe last week, this week sees us go back even further in time before G2 and delving into …
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