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1988 Autobot Powermasters

1988 Autobot Powermasters

Vintage G1 Transformers at TFSource

Transformers from Cybertron, binary bonded to Nebulans of Nebulos! In 1988 the ‘Masters continued to come thick and fast with smaller Headmasters, smaller Targetmasters and the introduction of the Powermasters. Hasbro decided to integrate the ‘Masters gimmick even further into the Transformers concept by making the Nebulan activate the transformation of the bigger figure …
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Transformers In Iceland

Transformers in Iceland

Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Finland, it seems vintage Transformers had made their way to the most unexpected reaches of the world during their enormous popularity in the eighties.  While it is expected that most countries in Europe had access to Transformers toys, it still came as a surprise to discover that the North Atlantic island nation of Iceland had a Transformers history …
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