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D.A.I. Stack – Not Powered Convoy


Running pose = keeper

Not-Powered Convoy is a wholly accurate description of KFC’s D.A.I. Commander Stack repaint of the earlier ”Citizen Stack”, KFC’s attempt at a Masterpiece Ultra Magnus. That’s not to say this isn’t a great figure that’s fit for a purpose, however the question is whether or not it actually fulfils any of the purposes it was designed for, that is, a Masterpiece Ultra Magnus …
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TF Zone Metrotitan

Transformers Zone D-340 Metrotitan

If you’ve ever been in the business of selling items from your Transformers collection, chances are it was for a good reason. When action such as that is properly justified, it can be lived with and we move on, waiting for a point in the future where any regrettable sales can be undone. I know personally I have sold to raise money …
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Ebay Adventures

Discolouration Articulation Nation

No Transformers blog is complete without the occasional rant about auctions, that is after all where most of us still get our toys, especially vintage. Whether it’s through eBay, Yahoo or a proxy bidding service, most of us have had bad experiences and taken chances that haven’t worked out. So here is my first auction rant of 2014. 

[caption id=”attachment_6397″ align=”aligncenter” width=”700″ …

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The Ones That Got Away

Missed for 75 Euros on auction

In a competitive market place, vintage toy collectors have to have their eyes and ears open the whole time in order to nail rare items. But we can’t always be everywhere, all the time. Sometimes real life and circumstance mean that we miss key auctions, deals, emails and opportunities. Other times a lack of experience, funds or better judgement …
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News To Me

Don't cry for me Argentina...because I'm not from there.

It doesn’t seem to matter how much we discover, how much gets photographed and revealed or how much we expand our horizons through international communication with global collectors and knowledgeable enthusiasts, every year in vintage Transformers seems to bring its own surprises and shocks. Surely there are a finite number of these discoveries to be made and …
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Small World

Seriously, how many times can I recycle this pic?

Take one quick look around the online Transformers collecting scene and you’ll see a number of extremely active and healthily-populated forums, thousands of vocal collectors and enthusiasts interacting online, at shows and meet-ups, through blogs and reviews. There are also no shortage of eBay members around the world chasing any decent valuable toy from the earlier vintage …
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Intermission ~ 4 years away

Shining Ultra Magnus - needed a voice

In 2007 I left the Transformers and pre-Transformers collecting game and community again for the second or third time (I lose count). This almost always involved a fire sale of some sort, exchanging rare and hard-earned variants and centrepieces for significant amounts of money to set me on my way in the direction of newer and more appealing pursuits. …
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The Truth About Catalogues

Oh to have a time machine...

Have you ever noticed how the most experienced, knowledgeable and wiliest collectors of rare Transformers, prototypes and obscurities always happen to have a healthy selection of catalogues in their collection? Maybe it’s a 1985 Toyfair publication, or a dusty old binder emblazoned with Revell logos from 1984, or some Hasbro booklet featuring a giant photo of a hideously-dressed child with …
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Who Cares About Paperwork?

Merry Christmas!

It all starts with nostalgia, the quest to recapture that feeling of getting a brand new Transformers toy and opening the floodgates to one’s fondest childhood memories. Whether it’s buying back Transformers that our parents threw out years ago, or finally securing that one character that your folks never bought you (because, really, one Jumpstarter should be enough for any child), purchasing your first …
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Origin of the Species – Part 2

A shame they didn't use these colours for Magnus

There’s always a reason. Black recolours, clear recolours, police redecos, our favourite Transformers characters in strange unfamiliar colours, there’s always a reason. In the first chapter of this series we discovered that many of the E-Hobby exclusives were Diaclone-inspired, and in the case of the Lucky Draw Black …
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