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More News To Me

Not an E-Hobby exclusive

It’s still happening. The better part of 30 years after the fact, and not 6 months after our last article on ‘new’ vintage pre-Transformers and Transformers discoveries, we’ve managed to cobble together another bunch of items which may or may not have been commonly documented or known about in the past. Thanks to the ever growing knowledge-base and resourcefulness of vintage pre-TF …
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The Racing Cars of Diaclone and Early G1

Nimble as an elf too

The month of May plays host to two of the world’s biggest and most historic motor racing events, the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix and the Indianapolis 500. Just a few weeks later we have the immense Le Mans 24 hour race in June, so what a perfect opportunity this is to pay tribute to the magnificent racing cars used by …
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In Their Own Words – Part 1

What makes this so special?

Transformers collectors love rarities, and rarity plus hype can make legends of particular toys. But what about those very rare and obscure Transformers that people don’t talk, or even know about? When a particular type of collector embarks on a mission to complete a specific area, category or sub-category of a Transformers line they will eventually come across a piece or …
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