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Collector Interview 54 – Ben Parfitt

Ben Parfitt's Transformers collection

Get Masterpiece Transformers at TFSource

Ben Parfitt has recently been showing his prowess as a great Transformers reviewer. He also has a pretty outstanding Transformers collection. With his background, it’s really no surprise that his insights and opinions about the hobby are worth reading and taking note of. Other than having the prestigious honour of being the first to visit …
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MakeToys MTCD-01 Striker Manus

MakeToys Cross Dimension Striker Manus

MakeToys Striker Manus available at TFSource

At a time where the lion’s share of 3rd party attention is directed at Masterpiece scale products, MakeToys and a handful of others are continuing to provide products at Classics, legends and city scale. Cross Dimension is MakeToys’ latest concept at this Classics/Generations scale and the first product is MTCD-01 Striker Manus, quite …
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1988 Autobot Powermasters

1988 Autobot Powermasters

Vintage G1 Transformers at TFSource

Transformers from Cybertron, binary bonded to Nebulans of Nebulos! In 1988 the ‘Masters continued to come thick and fast with smaller Headmasters, smaller Targetmasters and the introduction of the Powermasters. Hasbro decided to integrate the ‘Masters gimmick even further into the Transformers concept by making the Nebulan activate the transformation of the bigger figure …
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MP-27 Ironhide – The Best Masterpiece Yet?

Masterpiece Ironhide available at TFSource

Masterpiece Ironhide available at TFSource

Has there ever been a greater case of pre-release doubts being so comprehensively crushed by in-hand production toy as with TakaraTomy’s MP-27 Masterpiece Ironhide? Actually yes, look at Ultra Magnus, Bumblebee etc, so it’s not uncommon for us to get the wrong impression from TakaraTomy’s stock Masterpiece photography. Ironhide’s a very interesting case. As a character he’s …
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Collector Interview 45 – Francesco Lombardo

G1 Transformers available at TFSource

G1 Transformers available at TFSource

Francesco Lombardo is the kind of collector I had always heard about but never met. Someone who never participated in the online or collective fandom, but was privately growing a hugely comprehensive and impressive collection featuring toys I had never seen. Dealers used to tell me about their secret customers, customers like Francesco, all the time. Now, …
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Transformers: The Movie – When And Where

In 1986, The Transformers: The Movie was released, and even ~30 years later it still holds a special place in my heart. It was my very first exposure to Transformers and is still the most nostalgic piece of Transformers for me.

Megatron must be stopped. No matter the cost.

As a film, it still holds up well in today’s Fandom. One of the most interesting aspects of this film is …
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Toy Review: MakeToys’ RM:01 Cupola


IS Cupola a strong start for the MakeToys Masterpiece Scale line? Let’s find out!

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What Do They Think?

Masterpiece Transformers available here at TFSource

Masterpiece Transformers available here at TFSource

About 3 years ago we interviewed 3 very active and community-involved Transformers collectors’ wives to find out How The Other Half Live. For my 200th TFSource Blog Article (not counting interviews), I decided to once again ask those closest to me how they viewed my collection of robots. I’ve asked my wife. …
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Were The Movies Good For Transformers?


Movie Transformers at TFSource

Were the live action Transformers movies directed by Michael Bay good or bad for Transformers? That’s the question that I put to a number of respected collectors and community members, and not just in regards to Transformers toys, but the general health of the brand and the people who now count themselves as fans. Four movies in, and everyone has an …
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Toy Review/Pictorial: X-Transbots Apollyon

XTB Apollyon

X-Transbots is on the right track

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