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Giftset Gallery – The Popular

Various Transformers giftsets

By definition, a giftset should be something that brings happiness. Not just one Transformer, but sometimes five or six, all of which interact with each other to create something more than the sum of their parts, expecially in the case of the combiner sets. Add in a reassuringly large box covered in artwork, a shedload of accessories, and a healthy dose of …
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Is It Conceivable? – Part 2

Early Cybertron wall

Japanese Transformers are not just an exotic flavour to be sampled by collectors who fancy adding a touch of spice to a normal G1 collection. Some Transformers enthusiasts actively try to complete the whole run of Takara G1 Transformers from start to finish. In addition, a few hardy souls even take up the challenge of finding all of these foreign …
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6 Is The Magic Number

The joy of six

There’s something incredibly Japanese about a small team of intricate and tiny transforming robots that combine to form a larger more powerful being, packaged in an attractive giftset depicting a soaring mechanical beast of battle. That is exactly what Takara started to market in Japan at the end of Battlestars: Return of Convoy with the above C-370 Sixliner, and then throughout 1992’s …
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Forgotten Corners

Car Robots JRX

Buying toys is good, buying toys is bad. Having a focus in your collection is good, having a focus in your collection is bad. Some of us torment our living partners by having all sorts of parcels arrive every other day, or we obsess over a small category of Transformers and search for months before making a purchase. Others are well-balanced and can …
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