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Ocular Max Sphinx – Perfection Indeed

Ocular Max Sphinx available here at TFSource

Ocular Max Sphinx available here at TFSource

”I remember running to the sea, I remember falling to my knees”. 
Mastermind Creations have released a Masterpiece-scaled homage to the Generation 1 Autobot Spy Mirage, and they have done it in the style of celebrated Japanese animation gurus Studio Ox, responsible for so many beautiful illustrations in Television Magazine. Under their Ocular …
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Even Less Visible



You just know that if Takara Tomy did Masterpiece Mirage, they’d put out a clear repaint as well. We’ve already had a clear blue BotCon attendee exclusive Classics Mirage, a Takara Tomy Binaltech BT-18 Rijie translucent release through e-Hobby and an all clear Henkei Mirage/Rijie, so Unique DX9 Toys’ decision to repaint D03i Invisible in clear blue should not come as a surprise …
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Individual, Indefinable, Invisible


Classics Mirage I am not

Mirage and controversy are never far apart. Whether it was sneaking off during battle to board the Decepticon ship while invisible, or pretending to be a Decepticon spy stealing energon cubes, he’s made people question his nature. DX9 – formerly/currently Unique Toys – have delivered us a Masterpiece-scaled figure that is heavily influenced by G1 Mirage called “Invisible”, and whether or not …
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Binaltech BT-17 to BT-18

Binaltech BT-17 to BT-18

Unobtainable and invisible

Every line of Transformers has its toughies and special releases that create a headache for anyone hoping to complete the run, Takara’s Binaltech Transformers are no exception. In fact, it’s taken me a whole year and 2 months to address the sixth chapter of this article series that started all the way back with …
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A Class Apart


Aiming high

There have always been categories of Transformers, distinguishable by size, complexity and type. As a predominantly vintage collector for years I was very new to the whole uniform hierarchy of figures – or size class – that seem to have originated in the beast era of toys. This week I am looking at some of the deluxe class toys I’ve seen and owned (which admittedly …
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Old Flames


Old versus new

You know when that bell rings? When you slip into an old pair of comfortable slippers? When you walk down the street of your old house? Things move fast in the Transformers universe and new product can come at such pace that we can become blinded to what’s already around or has gone before. Recently I’ve started something of a journey back into my …
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Collector Interview 19 – Kevin Hopson

Kevin's shopfront

If all collections and collectors were the same, this section of the Source Blog would be completely redundant, as would the mass of collection showcase threads across all the online Transformers community forums. We have featured collections that are very niche, hyper-rare and highly specific to obscure sub-lines of Transformers and pre-Transformers, but Kevin Hopson’s collection is as pure and …
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The Mentality

Joustra Diaclone Battle Convoys - stamping variants

Don’t judge. You can’t judge, not in this game, with its myriad population of collectors and enthusiasts. There will be personal admissions of guilt and opportunities for ridicule and vigorous head-shaking, but you can save your pity for those who don’t see what they are doing to themselves and aren’t having fun. Feel free to spend …
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Under The Skin

Gentlemen, start your engines...

Toy collectors all have their reasons for spending hard-earned money on action figures, vintage toys, modern children’s toys or high-end collectibles. It could be nostalgia, simple adult appreciation, a hobby or as a coping mechanism for something. There is a wide spectrum within which people enjoy the hobby in different ways. Vintage G1 Transformers have a lot to …
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Survivors – Part 1

Childhood vs Adulthood

Legendary Diaclone Black Tracks from Finland or a regular and used Transformers G1 Thundercracker from the UK? Which would you choose? I’d choose Thundercracker, every time, now and forever. Not just any Thundercracker though, just this one, from my childhood collection of Transformers toys. It is nigh-on impossible to find any collector who does not have extremely fond memories and connections …
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