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More News To Me

Not an E-Hobby exclusive

It’s still happening. The better part of 30 years after the fact, and not 6 months after our last article on ‘new’ vintage pre-Transformers and Transformers discoveries, we’ve managed to cobble together another bunch of items which may or may not have been commonly documented or known about in the past. Thanks to the ever growing knowledge-base and resourcefulness of vintage pre-TF …
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Variant Collectors or Collector Variants?

How to make toy collecting even more obsessive? Add numbers

Toy collectors, we’re all a little insane, obsessive, compulsive and generally not 100% grown up. But just like the enormous variety of generations, sub-lines, categories, specialisms and characters that exist within the actual Transformers toy lines, there is an almost equal amount of diversity evident within the types of collector that populate the Transformers toy-buying community. …
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Micro Change Series in Italy

THIS again??

Guns. Once upon a time it was more socially acceptable…no seriously, this week we’re digging a little deeper into the Takara Micro Change Series, the range of Japanese toys originally responsible for some of the most recognisable and well-loved Transformers ever to grace our childhoods. However, there’s a little twist, the focus of this week’s article is the Italian range of Micro Change items …
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Micro Change Gun Robos

Target acquired

Guns. Once upon a time it was more socially acceptable and less taboo for children to play with toys that mimicked firearms, the glorification of which has since become considered vulgar and inappropriate for modern society’s values and beliefs. Even listing such items on auction or trying to ship them internationally to collectors and enthusiasts has become a challenging obstacle. From that era when …
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The World of Minibots

Almost a rainbow...time for a BAPE Bumblebee?

Collecting Transformers used to be a simple enough task, consisting of tracking down all the toys in the US or UK range between 1984 and 1987 and beyond, if you were so inclined. The core of most collections seemed to be based around Transformers The Movie or the original G1 series. With the increasing accessibility of the Internet in …
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