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Transformers: The Movie – When And Where

In 1986, The Transformers: The Movie was released, and even ~30 years later it still holds a special place in my heart. It was my very first exposure to Transformers and is still the most nostalgic piece of Transformers for me.

Megatron must be stopped. No matter the cost.

As a film, it still holds up well in today’s Fandom. One of the most interesting aspects of this film is …
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Toy Review/Pictorial: X-Transbots Apollyon

XTB Apollyon

X-Transbots is on the right track

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Unpopular Opinions

Combiner Wars at TFSource Here

Combiner Wars at TFSource Here

Whenever you see discussions about the best Transformers from a particular line or era, over a big enough sample, you can see patterns emerging and the same figures can rise to the top of most collectors’ lists. Once in a while, a certain Transformers toy, concept or aesthetic will be loved by many, and disliked by …
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TF Animated – The Verdict (Part 2)


150 million Animated Seekers and no Thrust

If Transformers Animated wasn’t subject enough to the varying opinions within the collecting community, for those who have surrendered their hearts to it there are plenty of wildly differing views on what ranks as the best and worst aspects of the line and concept in general. Last week I offered up …
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A Voyage Of Animated Discovery – Part 2


Lockdown, summer in the city

I am discovering and re-discovering Transformers Animated at the same time. Discovering that the toy line expanded so far beyond the amazing deluxes, voyagers and leaders from my original flirtation with the toy line, and re-discovering repaints and toys I had long forgotten about, and re-living the enjoyment of experiencing new moulds from the line. It’s been a while since deluxes have …
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A Voyage Of Animated Discovery – Part 1


Activators Bumblebee, Takara leader Ultra Magnus, deluxe Lockdown

Transformers Animated is an incredibly divisive chapter in the history of the brand among collectors. For every fan who loved the cartoon and was touched by the depth of the story telling, continuity and homages to prior eras of Transformers, there are those who simply can’t understand the love for this highly specific aesthetic and style, both toys and …
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Collector Interview 23 – Dave Shorter

Dave Shorter

Or a gun?

Collectors with focus, aims and specific targets always have intriguing collections and a strict guideline as to how they indulge in the business of buying and collecting Transformers toys. Dave Shorter has a vision. His collection is one with a mission and purpose, one that aims to chart the journey and evolution of a single character through all the different eras and generations …
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Top 5 Purchases of 2013

Well, we did get at least one new Megatron this year

As 2013 races towards its conclusion, collectors are taking stock of all the new Transformers figures they’ve added to their collection in 2013, a year that saw the Takara Tomy and Hasbro Masterpiece lines engage a higher gear and really start giving fans what they supposedly wanted. A year that …
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Collector Interview 19 – Kevin Hopson

Kevin's shopfront

If all collections and collectors were the same, this section of the Source Blog would be completely redundant, as would the mass of collection showcase threads across all the online Transformers community forums. We have featured collections that are very niche, hyper-rare and highly specific to obscure sub-lines of Transformers and pre-Transformers, but Kevin Hopson’s collection is as pure and …
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Transformers GT – Part 4

Transformers GT - Mission GT-R accomplished

As quietly as it came, TakaraTomy’s Transformers GT toy-line has seemingly given us its last offering and wrapped up with as little fanfare as when it launched. That’s not for a lack of trying on TakaraTomy’s behalf though, this gorgeous short-lived series has suffered primarily from being perceived as nothing more than expensive repaints of existing …
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