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News To Me – 2015 Edition

Vintage Transformers available here at TFSource

Vintage Transformers available here at TFSource

Regular and long-time readers of this blog will remember when I could produce a ‘News To Me’ article, reporting on newly discovered vintage Transformers variants or secrets, every few months. It’s been nearly two years since the last article of this type, such has been my shift in collecting focus and the slowdown of …
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Fifty Shades of Rare


If you still want the best Movie Prime, buy here

I should probably apologise for that click-bait title, but it does represent the topic of this article quite well. It’s impossible to go one year on an active Transformers forum without seeing at least one discussion about the rarest Transformers of all time. Rarity, however, comes in many shapes and sizes, some of which I …
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Leap Of Faith

Faith in your friends

If you change your mind, I’m the first in line. Honey I’m still free, take a chance on me. But what if you don’t have time to make up your mind? A split second decision can be the difference between a phenomenal victory after a leap of faith, or an unmitigated and expensive disaster of bad judgement. If you’re into rare toys …
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The Transformers Red Tracks made famous by a Dutchman

The Internet has a lot to answer for. While a majority of what (and who) turns up online should be re-buried, there are some bastions of hope, intelligence, creativity and inspiration. Each of us found our own way into the online Transformers collecting community and discovered those early websites choc full of treasures we’d never seen or …
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Best of 2011 / 2012 – A Year of Source Articles

Japanese Transformers - The first Source Article

When the TFsource blog project was started in 2011, we had a vision of a weekly series of articles that would aim to eventually touch many corners of the Transformers collecting universe, primarily G1, and be a valuable online resource for collectors. The idea was always to add more authors to the team to help cover more bases and …
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Collector Interview 04 – Marco van Leeuwen

Marco says it's good to make friends

September sees us press on with our collector interview series, however this month we spotlight a Dutch Transformers and pre-Transformers collector who is slightly less active in the online community than our previous interviewees, but whose collection does all the talking for him. With a very significant selection of pre-production and prototype gems from the world of Transformers toys, …
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The $3k Black Tracks Fraud of 2012

Not a fake

Fraud is nothing new in toy collecting, and neither is trying to pass off a custom as an official variant of highly limited number, value and desirability. At a time in Transformers and Diaclone collecting where 3rd Party Products are hugely popular and Chinese counterfeits of original G1 Transformers and Diaclones are everywhere, it was only a matter of time before somebody tried …
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In Their Own Words – Part 5

Good things come in small packages

Just when you thought it was safe to read a Transformers blog once more, we have the fifth part of our trilogy of amazing rarities and obscurities contributed by our supportive group of kind and experienced collectors. We’ve seen massively hard-to-find European packaging variants, unheard of pre-Transformers items such as prize collector’s cards and Middle-Eastern Diaclones, Venezuelan minibots and Japanese …
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