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Collector Interview 25 – Neal Rochman

Neal Rochman and his collection - "Heraldofunicron"

Neal Rochman and his collection – “Heraldofunicron”

For those of us who have seen THIS, this interview has been something to look forward to enormously. Neale Rochman, AKA “heraldofunicron”, has spent virtually all of his collecting life away from the online community. Recently he ventured online and connected with the fandom via the forums, and …
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Collector Interview 24 – Rein den Hengst

Rein den Hengst and his collection

Rein’s collection is so well kept, he has to green screen it into photos behind him

The Netherlands has always had a very rich culture of Transformers collectors, with some of the most well-known, long-time, knowledgeable fans and stunning collections originating from Holland. Rein “iDarkDesign” den Hengst has been a part of that Dutch TF scene from the earliest stages, and is …
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(Not a) Vintage Year

Rare toy, battered bubble, what would you do?

Paint chips? Loose joints? Questionable paint application? Damaged packaging? This is all part of the territory when it comes to collecting vintage Transformers and pre-Transformers, whether we’re buying loose or boxed, rare or common. To hear such vociferous complaints from collectors of more recent toys about the same issues can sometimes be amusing, as …
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Giftset Gallery – The Popular

Various Transformers giftsets

By definition, a giftset should be something that brings happiness. Not just one Transformer, but sometimes five or six, all of which interact with each other to create something more than the sum of their parts, expecially in the case of the combiner sets. Add in a reassuringly large box covered in artwork, a shedload of accessories, and a healthy dose of …
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Giftset Gallery – The Obscure


Everyone loves a Transformers combiner giftset. It’s a lovely word isn’t it? Giftset. Just rolls off the tongue. My spell-checker doesn’t recognise it, but collectors certainly do. Almost always bright, colourful, large and with a significant portion of the box front covered in artwork, they make for some of the most popular and impressive collection display pieces one can find. Nowadays certain …
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Is It Conceivable? – Part 2

Early Cybertron wall

Japanese Transformers are not just an exotic flavour to be sampled by collectors who fancy adding a touch of spice to a normal G1 collection. Some Transformers enthusiasts actively try to complete the whole run of Takara G1 Transformers from start to finish. In addition, a few hardy souls even take up the challenge of finding all of these foreign …
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