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FansToys FT-14 Forager

FansToys FT-14 Forager

FansToys FT-14 Forager at TFSource

Forager makes three! The Masterpiece-styled evil insect robot team is finished and man alive, they look complete together. This pre-release review sample, FT-14 Forager test shot to be precise, rounds out the team of three bugs within 8 months of Grenadier first introducing us to FansToys’ take on this popular set. By the time it sees release …
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FansToys Mercenary at TFSource

FansToys Mercenary at TFSource

FT-13 Mercenary is FansToys’ second evil insect after FT-12 Grenadier, and has a lot to live up to thanks to the success of the latter. Based on what was originally called a lamellicorn type beetle insect robot, Mercenary recreates the look of the original toy and on-screen inspiration. With die cast, chrome and clear plastic chest flaps a …
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On That Bombshell

FansToys Grenadier at TFSource

FansToys Grenadier at TFSource

FansToys, like BadCube and MMC, are doing the G1 Insecticons. FT-12 Grenadier is the first of FansToys’ Masterpiece-scaled Insecticons and is their version of Bombshell, the evil beetle. Grenadier comes in two versions, one with a purple toy-accurate chest, and one with a grey cartoon accurate chest. The figure itself contains Generation 1 toy and cartoon style parts …
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Reissue Redux

Platinum Edition Reissues available here at TFSource

Platinum Edition Reissues available here at TFSource

For a while there it seemed that we’d had our last Generation 1 reissues from Hasbro and Takara, Encore Fortress Maximus being quite the final hurrah, but 2015 has seen the return of G1 reissues under Hasbro’s Platinum Edition banner. While most of the toys have already been released, G1 Trypticon was …
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It’s 1985, but you can buy me here!

We love Transformers, that’s why upcoming product and a new year’s reveals are scrutinised, criticised or celebrated to the degree that they are. It’s impossible to compare the reaction fans and collectors – or I suppose even casual consumers – have towards new offerings by Hasbro today to how people felt …
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Look Closely

Where's Bruticus's head?!

Toy catalogues are wonderful things, we’ve even looked at them before on Source Blog here and here. In addition to the waves of nostalgia washing over us every time we look at a vintage Hasbro Transformers catalogue included with the toys, there are loads of …
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News To Me

Don't cry for me Argentina...because I'm not from there.

It doesn’t seem to matter how much we discover, how much gets photographed and revealed or how much we expand our horizons through international communication with global collectors and knowledgeable enthusiasts, every year in vintage Transformers seems to bring its own surprises and shocks. Surely there are a finite number of these discoveries to be made and …
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French Connection

Kickback. Kickback. Kickback to where you once belonged

Hasbro and Takara, two names of toy manufacturers that are synonymous with the global success and lasting phenomenon that is The Transformers. Takara’s designs and Hasbro’s marketing helped ignite the fire that still burns within all G1 Transformers collectors. Hasbro-Takara are the Lennon-McCartney of our collecting passion. However, any serious Beatles aficionado will tell you that George Harrison …
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Origin of the Species – Part 2

A shame they didn't use these colours for Magnus

There’s always a reason. Black recolours, clear recolours, police redecos, our favourite Transformers characters in strange unfamiliar colours, there’s always a reason. In the first chapter of this series we discovered that many of the E-Hobby exclusives were Diaclone-inspired, and in the case of the Lucky Draw Black …
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Diaclone – More Than Just Car Robots

Diaclone, More Than Streets And Sky...

When most collectors think Diaclone, they think of the beautiful, exotic and hyped Car Robots and Convoys that we’ve looked at over the last 3 weeks, but many other early Transformers came from Takara’s Japanese Diaclone toy line as well. This week we’re looking at the origins of the Dinobots, the G1 Jets, Constructicons and Insecticons, amongst others. And much …
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