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Collector Interview 33 – Matt Dennett


Staying in his box

I often find myself wondering who to feature next on these collector interviews, and I have been asked to try and move away from museum-style G1 collections to add more variety. Where possible I have done this, but requests are met at different times and often the choice of who to go with any given month is made for me …

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Toy Review: MMC Hexatron (Continuum Edition)

MMC HExatron Continuum Title

City Bots! City Bots! City Bots!

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Collector Interview 32 – Immo de Maar



Immo de Maar is a collector in the strictest sense of the word. Everything that is added to his display and falls into his ownership is for the purpose of the collection, the completion of a sub-section or the overall tapestry. His approach to toy buying is an exercise in strict focus and parameters, leading to huge satisfaction and enjoyment in the big picture. He does …

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Making The Grade – Part 2


Crystal clear

This is exactly where we left things last week on Part 1. The factory sealed vintage Transformers Generation 1 Aerialbot Fireflight had been photo-analysed, admired, had a potential grading result predicted by a number of experienced collectors and then promptly sent off to the Action Figure Authority (AFA) for grading as part of an experiment. …

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Making The Grade – Part 1


Grading virgins, Fireflight & I

These days, invariably, you will find good condition factory sealed vintage Generation 1 Transformers preserved, immortalised, imprisoned, desecrated (delete as appropriate) in an acrylic display case, with a grade attached. The AFA – or Action Figure Authority – grade toys like Transformers be they factory sealed, opened and unused or even loose. Everyone has an opinion on this, from not keeping toys …

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The Obtainable Holy Grail – Part 2

In part two of our Obtainable Holy Grails series, we take another look at the figures collectors love and cherish to no end, despite them being relatively common or easily obtained. In part 1, we read about figures from the Beast Wars era, Masterpiece series, and the short lived Generation 2 line. Let’s see what figures mean the most to some of my closest collecting friends.

Nick …

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TFsource Reviews: TFSS 1.0 Circuit

By now most collectors who personally subscribed to the firstĀ  Transformers Subscription Service should have received the third figure from the TFSS collection: Circuit! A updated take on the Generation 1 Action Master, this version of Circuit was used from the 2010 Deluxe Axer mold. Read on to view some images and my highlights/concerns of the latest from the Subscription Service!

Bio Card and Packaging

First …

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Giving Up

What do you see? A ball and chain? An achievement? A house?

It’s a depressing subject, giving up toy collecting, but it’s one that many have considered from time to time and even acted upon. One might be driven to the brink of surrender by finances, space, obsession, disinterest, priorities or a feeling of being overwhelmed. It can lead to feelings of liberation, or pangs of …

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Collector Interview 16 – Ben Munn


Many Transformers collectors have moments in their lives when collecting toys no longer seems relevant, and they give up or sell up to pursue other interests and priorities. Somewhere down the line, the spark re-ignites and those that walked away return to the hobby with renewed vigour, fresh perspective and a more balanced approach. It’s happened to me, and it has also happened to …

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Just Say Yes

Clarity of thought before rashness of action

“You’re stubborn as f**k and when people recommend things you deliberately avoid them”. Wise words from an old mushroom to his friend. You can’t really blame me, though, there’s just far too much to follow and give time to in the world of Transformers. Between the animated shows, the comics, vintage toys, modern toys, high-end collectibles, forums and intra-community …

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