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Too Much Too Soon

Takara Transformers Legends

Transformers Legends available now at TFSource

As a toy collector with treasured, vivid childhood memories of receiving a large amount of Transformers on special days, re-living that experience as an adult can be thrilling. Alternatively, not having had that opportunity as a child can sometimes lead to us fulfilling those feelings as adult collectors. Haul photos after toy shows, mail days …
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Good Enough

Titans Return at TFSource

Titans Return at TFSource

Remember back when if you wanted a character in the Transformers universe as a toy in your collection, chances were that you had a single choice for that toy? You either made do with what you were given for Broadside, or you went without. Or you made your own. Nowadays, with multiple aesthetics, scales and companies in …
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Collector Interview 45 – Francesco Lombardo

G1 Transformers available at TFSource

G1 Transformers available at TFSource

Francesco Lombardo is the kind of collector I had always heard about but never met. Someone who never participated in the online or collective fandom, but was privately growing a hugely comprehensive and impressive collection featuring toys I had never seen. Dealers used to tell me about their secret customers, customers like Francesco, all the time. Now, …
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News To Me – 2015 Edition

Vintage Transformers available here at TFSource

Vintage Transformers available here at TFSource

Regular and long-time readers of this blog will remember when I could produce a ‘News To Me’ article, reporting on newly discovered vintage Transformers variants or secrets, every few months. It’s been nearly two years since the last article of this type, such has been my shift in collecting focus and the slowdown of …
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Collector Interview 31 – Michael Kingcaid


I’d be smiling too…

Get me an interview, now. That’s what I said to my friend when he shared a picture of Michael Kingcaid’s Transformers collection with me a week before Michael himself shared photos with the Internet. I then received numerous emails and Facebook tags to get in touch with the owner of this amazing collection and collar him for an interview. Luckily, by that stage …
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Collector Interview 28 – Neil Dela Cruz


The only way is up

Not all of the collectors we interview here have been head-hunted by reputation or are a result of me convincing a long-time mate to finally give in and share their insight and collection. Occasionally I will put the planned (hah!) schedule of interviews on hold because something so attention-grabbing and amazing comes up that we just have to investigate. …
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In The Flesh

KFC Citizen Stack

Citizen’s arrest

Too many Transformers, too much choice, too little money and definitely not enough space. Then we add the 3rd Party toys coming at us from all angles, and try to balance that against older toys we may be trying to buy (or not buy), and we all develop strategies for staying away from what may bankrupt us. For some the decision to pass …
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Ambassadors – Part 3



An ambassador should be the embodiment of the qualities and character of its people, representing the best that they have to offer. So when we asked our contributors to choose one Transformers toy that could act as an ambassador for Binaltech/Alternators, Armada, Japanese exclusive G1, or G1 between the years of 1987 to 1990, it was no easy task. Nevertheless, true to form, the guys have …
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The Power of Fiction

Post Hoc

Influence is a funny old thing; childhood experiences and preferences weigh heavily on us, as do the tastes and decisions of our friends and collecting contemporaries, not to mention the Transformers community as a whole. There’s just so much to draw influence from in the Transformers universe, from current trends and fads to animated shows and various other forms of Transformers …
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Transformers GT – Part 4

Transformers GT - Mission GT-R accomplished

As quietly as it came, TakaraTomy’s Transformers GT toy-line has seemingly given us its last offering and wrapped up with as little fanfare as when it launched. That’s not for a lack of trying on TakaraTomy’s behalf though, this gorgeous short-lived series has suffered primarily from being perceived as nothing more than expensive repaints of existing …
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